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Pega is an emerging BPM Tool in the IT market. Now day Pega is going in all domains like Insurance, Banking, telecom, and Health care to implement the BPM solution in very less time span. Better job options/Compensation for the Pega developers in all MNCs


Replication in SQL server 2008

Replication utilizes a distributing industry wording, which incorporates Publisher, Distributor, Subscribers, productions, articles, and memberships. ...

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What are Python Frameworks?

With the help of Frameworks, developers can easily develop exact Design for Application Development. Automation is for working process with frequent a...

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How to tune SQL Server DBA

Tuning a Database is not a simple task, it is a complex task. Where the performance issues performed by tuning process which is Trust Effort. The SQL ...

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What is pega BPM?

BPM or Business Process Management helps in managing workflows and processes in an organization. It generally includes steps like analysis, design, mo...

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What is Python Programming?"

Learning is Python is so straightforward, on the off chance that you follow OnlineITGuru tips. Up as far as anyone is concerned learning Python langua...

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