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Tanuj Kumar

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Posted on    April-17-2012 5:02 AM

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When I am trying to connect quickbook application using my .Net application then following error message is displayed.

“This application is not allowed to log into this quickbook company data file automatically. The quickbook administrator can grant permission for an automatic login through the integrated application preference.”

My question is that when quickbook company file is open then I am able to connect quickbook with my .NET application but when quickbook company file is closed and I am passing path of quickbook company file then above error message is displayed. Is it necessary to register application with quickbook?


Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson

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Posted on    April-19-2012 2:22 AM


When you authorized your app, you need to select the 4th option - Yes - all the time - and this will allow you to log in in unattended mode.

If you need to change it, go to Preferences - Integrated Applications - Select your app - Properties and then select the option for unattended mode. It might ask you what user to log in as.

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