A large number of tax payers remain vigilant of e-filing their income-tax (I-T) returns ‘online’ before the due date that is July 31st in order to save from getting penalized. With the advent of e-filing process, available online, it has become easier than ever for tax payers to e-file their tax returns and even pay their income tax online. But you will be surprised to know that e-filing your income tax return is just a part of the process and not the complete process in itself. The process of e-filing your income tax return is considered incomplete if you have not added your digital signatures. Only when you add your digital signatures when e-filing your income tax returns, you will get an acknowledgement of your e-filing from the income tax department via an email. 

Sadly, a large number of tax payers do not know this, but if one files his/her income tax return without adding a valid digital signature, then the income tax department does not consider the process of e-filing of income tax returns complete. Remember, your e-filing of income tax returns is deemed incomplete till you receive an email or SMS acknowledging the receipt of the Form ITR-V from the central processing centre (CPC) of the Income Tax department. 

What is ITR-V?

In literal sense, ITR-V symbolizes ‘Income Tax Return–Verification’ Form. This is a one page form that is sent to you from the Income Tax Department, if you fileyour income tax returns without adding your digital signatures. This form is sent out by the income tax department to verify the credibility of your income tax return e-filing without a digital signature. Upon receipt of the ITR-V form, you will need to manually sign the copy of the form and send it back to the central processing centre (CPC) of the Income Tax department. Remember, you will need to sign the form only using ‘blue ink’ and without this form, your e-filing of income tax return will not be considered complete. 

Steps to Submit Your ITR-V Form

In case, you have forgotten to add a digital signature when e-filing process your income tax returns, please follow the below steps to complete the process: 

  •  Print ITR-V form in dark black ink and make sure it can be read clearly. 
  •  Sign the ITR-V form only in ‘Blue Ink’ and make sure you are not putting in your signatures at the bar code of the form. Remember, bar code and the numbers mentioned below the bar code must be visible clearly. 
  •   Do not staple the ITR-V form or fold it. Always use an A-4 size white envelope to enclose it. 
  •  Send the ITR-V form to the CPC through speed post or regular postal service within 2 months (120 days) from the date of e-filing your income tax return. Remember, couriers are not accepted for the submission of ITR-V form. 
  •  Don’t enclose any supporting documents with the ITR-V form. Send the form to Income Tax Department CPC Post Box No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore-560100, Karnataka. 
  •  Once the ITR-V form sent by you is received by CPC Bangalore, it will send you an email acknowledgement of the receipt of your ITR-V form. It usually takes 4-5 days working days to receive the ITR-V form acknowledgement. 

Be careful of mentioning your valid email address when e-filing your income tax returns because CPC sends email acknowledgement of the ITR-V form to the email address used by your when e-filing your income tax return. Once you receive your acknowledgement, you e-filing of income tax return is considered complete.

In case, you have missed submitting your ITR-V Form within 2 months (120 days) of e-filing your income tax returns, your e-filing stands invalid. In such a case, you will need to file a revised return and get a new ITR-V and submit it to the CPC within 2 months (120 days) of the e-filing. 

Non-Receipt of Acknowledgement

If you notice that you have not received an acknowledgment email from the CPC, it is advised to check for it on the income tax web portal. You will need to login to the income tax web portal using your PAN card number and password. Upon successful login, you will be able to find and download the acknowledgement, under the 'E-filing processing status' under the tab 'My Account'. 

You can also check the receipt status by adding your PAN number and the corresponding assessment year on the 'ITR-V Receipt Status' tab under 'Services' section on the income tax e-fling website. 

Furthermore, you may contact the Central Processing Centre at toll-free number 1800-4250-0025 to enquire about the status of the acknowledgement. But remember, the working hours for CPS call centres are Monday through Sunday from 9am to 8pm.

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