Investigation unit is the most experienced and important unit of the forensic investigation service. This unit follows some unique and special method with the help of the latest scientific technologies to investigate the cases. This unit needs to give extra attention in the case of personal serious injury, sexual assault, any explosion, corruption, etc.  

Investigation methods

Investigation unit follows several methods in each different cases. Dogs are an important element in investigation method to identify the odor of explosives, drugs, alcohol, fuel oil, etc. to investigate the cases of explosions, drug business, accelerant detention, etc dogs are considered experts. They are trained by some expert and experienced trainers to identify a number of odors specifically and separately to figure out the cause and origin of the incidents. The investigators follow forensic engineers in the case of sexual assaults as they need forensic evidence to solve the case. In the case of a chemical explosion, product failures the investigators need the insight of chemical engineers and mechanical engineers into the cases. In all of the cases, they follow the latest technologies which are scientifically approved. The investigation unit often has to follow some unique methods to figure out some cases which are too complicated and cannot be solved with the traditional ways of investigation.

How they work

The events or circumstances of every case are different but usually, the process of every investigation is the same except for some special cases. One lead investigation is assigned for the case and under the lead investigator, forensic investigators, several engineering experts, technicians, etc are assigned. Investigation usually begins by investigating the crime scene and find all the evidence as soon as possible and analyzing them. After making secure of the evidence, the investigators question the witnesses if there are any. The forensic team is required for forensic examination for further investigation and evidence. After the investigation, the case is handed over to a lawyer for the litigation and the investigators are often summoned at the court for their statement.

Need special skill and training

To be a part of the K9 Investigation Unit, you need to have special skills and training. Only academic education is not enough to be a part of this special unit. You need mental skill, physical skill, self-control, confidence, special training to be a successful investigator. The skill of an investigator will grow if s/he can investigate more cases. With different cases, they develop their skills in all kind of cases. They need a clever and intelligent mind to investigate so that they can think in a different way and follow a creative method to reach the final decision of the case.

Final words

In any case, the main responsibility is bestowed on the investigation unit. Their expertise in investigation determines if the case will be solved or not. Depending on the evidence and information provided by the investigation unit, further progress of the case is carried on.

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