8 Benefits of Android Application Development for Online BusinessOnline businesses have many challenges in store for them just to stand out from the numerous competitions that they have in their industry. Aside from competition within the industry, it also has to deal with a lot of other distractions on the internet.

They have to vie for the attention of their target audiences while making sure that they stand out from both the competition and other businesses on the internet.

With that said, one of the ways that an online business can stand out from their competition and others is by getting an android application developed for their business. Standing out from the competition isn’t the only thing an Android app can do for your online business. 

Read on below to find out other ways an Andoird app development can help your business. 

1. Low Investment & High ROI:

When developing an Android app for your business, it doesn’t take much out of you to start doing so. In fact, Android itself provides a way for interested developers to create an app for Android.

They call it the Android Studio, which includes a Software Development Kit or SDK. Best of all, Android Studio is free to use. Thus, you can check that off of your app development costs with no worries. 

Aside from having a low investment cost, Android app development can give you quite a high return on investment or ROI. You can monetize off of your app through ads or you can add in-app purchases. 

There are many ways you can get a high ROI on your app. It all depends on your business goals to determine which indicator tells you whether you’ve met your goal or not.

2. Gaining Access To Multiple Sales Channels

When you’re selling a product, it can be tedious having to consolidate or, if not consolidate, even look for and establish multiple sales channels. However, with Android apps, this doesn’t have to be the case at all.

There are app markets available that have access to a wide range of clientele that your app can make use of. In the case of Android apps, in particular, the Google Play Store is one such app marketplace to distribute your app in. 

With these app marketplaces, you don’t have to spend much effort looking for other sales channels for your app. Although if you want to, you are free to look for other channels to set your app in. 

3. Android Enjoys Hefty Mobile OS Market Share

In 2019, reports predict that mobile users all over the world will number to about 4.68 billion and is expected to pass more than 5 million in the same year. With that said, that is a lot of users for your app to market to, but what of Android users specifically?

When you develop an Android app, you are opening yourself up to a ton of potential users given the numbers. According to statistical reports on various mobile operating systems’ market shares, Android OS accounts for up to 75.22% of the market share alone. 

Last year, it was 66.74%. Thus, when you create an Android application for your business, it means that you have access to a lot of people. Make sure that you don’t waste their attention and develop an operational app. 

4. Simple Integration

If you’re looking for an app solely for the use of your online business, then you must know that the integration process might be a hassle. No matter if it’s an app or any other business-wide change, the integration of anything into the business operations can be stressful.

With that said, Android apps make this process much easier for your online business. One, you can modify your app so that it easily integrates with other apps that you have. Its customizability helps you create an app that is right for your business needs. 

Aside from that, you can also easily integrate other Android apps into your app. The Android studio provides tutorials and tips on how to let other apps interact with your app smoothly. 

5. Easy Adoption

If you already have a developer on-hand who isn’t interested in learning Android Studio, then you will have no worries on any hassle on that part. This is because adopting what they know of the Java language can get them a long way into creating an Android app.

Google Codelabs can even help you build an Android app through the Java coding language easy and simple enough. However, you can still also use Android Studio because, as mentioned before, it is quite easy to develop an Android app if you know Java. 

6.Enjoying The Open Source Advantage

Given the fact that the Android app development kit, also known as the Android Studio, is open sourced and free, you are open to a lot of benefits. For one, it’s very cost-effective because you won’t have to spend money on licensing fees.

Second, this allows you to create an app that is able to adapt and be flexible. Plus, it makes the app development process much quicker. Hence, if you’re developing apps for your consumers, speed is always a positive quality on your part. 

There are many more benefits to the open source software of Android app development. From having a community that can easily help you get started to low-cost advantages, it’s no wonder that a lot of software is open source. 

7. Role of App Development Technologies

When developing Android apps, it is less tricky to do given the fact that the app development kit is free and that it can be developed via Java. With that said, if you’re looking to hire a developer or if you want to enlist the help of an Android app development company, then it wouldn’t cost you a lot.

8. Quick customization

Due to the fact that the Android app development is an open source project, it gives way to a lot of customization. It allows developers to be creative and boundless with their mobile app creations.

Thus, if you’re going to develop an app for your company that has specific wants and needs, then an Android app is an excellent choice. You can even update your app based on customer reviews quite easily with an Android app. 

  Modified On May-20-2019 03:47:32 AM

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