Importance of UX Design in the Development of Mobile Apps

UX Design, which is short for User Experience, involves the process of creating an experience that is both relevant and easy to navigate for your users. It is a design principle that keeps the users’ preferences and comfort in mind at all times.

If you are developing mobile apps and did not take user experience into consideration, then it will show. It won’t attract users, or if it does attract a user, then your mobile app will be uninstalled quickly upon use.

With that said, there are many benefits in keeping UX design in mind when developing your mobile app. UX design is important in the development of your app for many reasons. Read about them below.

Quantifying the Essentialities of User Experience

Before you find out how important UX design is exactly in the development of your mobile apps, you first have to find out a way to quantify the user experience. When you are able to quantify the user experience with your app, you can better improve the experience for them.

You first begin by identifying the metrics with which you want your product to measure up against. One of the more insightful metrics to keep track of is the retention rate of your product as well as the engagement measures of your app.

Once you know your metrics, you can then try to get customer insight to better understand these metrics and what it means for your users’ experience. When you’ve got that down, you should be able to quantify and measure your app’s user experience.

How Efficient UX/UI Design can Make Your Mobile App Successful

UX and UI (which is User Interface for short) Design both have significant effects on the success of your mobile app. An efficient UI/UX design helps your mobile app reach your business’s goals.

Not only that, but it will also help get your mobile app the attention it deserves. More than having an attractive interface, UI/UX design deals with the entire functionality of your app. Thus, efficient UI/UX design can help you retain the attention of your users.

Fancy designs can only last your app so far. It is the engagement practices and UI/UX design that helps keep them in your app. With that said, if you don’t use efficient UI/UX design, you will find your app receiving uninstalls immediately after.

Reasons Why Your App Needs an Efficient Ul/UX Design

Now that you know how to measure user experience and what the effects of an efficient UI/UX design really are, it’s time to find out more. It’s time to know just why your mobile app needs an efficient UI/UX design to succeed.

Below are just some of the common reasons why your app needs truly excellent UI/UX design:

Grabs the Attention of Users

No matter what business you have, you always want more positive attention involving your brand or business. Hence, if you still haven’t made a mobile app for your business yet, then the amount of attention it generates is an excellent reason why your business should have a mobile app.

However, a mobile app does not guarantee that you will be getting organic traffic that easily. Especially when it is made without the users in mind. If you have a poorly-designed mobile app, no matter how great your marketing plan is, it can only be as good as the product.

Thus, an efficient UI/UX design can help you grab the attention of users. Users will recommend an app that is designed well so you will be getting free publicity. Not only will you get attention, but you will be able to maintain their attention on you as well.

Enhanced Customer Complacency and Improved ROI

Sometimes just because you aren’t receiving any direct customer complaints about your business, it may not mean that your customers are entirely satisfied with your app. Sometimes it might just be an indication of customer complacency.

With that said, it is crucial that you do your best to do your market research to know points of improvement for your app. This way, you will have more satisfied customers than simply complacent ones.

Plus, having a high customer satisfaction for your mobile app will greatly improve your return on investment. Thus, you will be building a significant income with your mobile app.

Creates a Good Impression

If you are a budding business or a startup, or even if you’re a long-time business owner that just started to develop their own app, then it is important that you make a great first impression.

After all, first impressions last and they will affect people’s perception of you even when you changed from your previous business practices.

With that said, excellent UI/UX design takes into account the first impression that your users will have with your mobile app. Sure, it involves making your app engaging but it also has to do with making an app that is enticing too.

Builds Your Brand

Another reason why you should create a mobile app that has an efficient UI/UX design is that it is a great way of building your brand.

When creating or upgrading your mobile app to incorporate more UI/UX design principles, it usually involves taking in the feedback of previous users. Users who create the feedback that you apply into your app will appreciate you taking the time to listen to their gripes about your app.

Not only do you create a better mobile app, but you also establish a good brand reputation amongst your user base.

Get Featured in App Stores

If you have a mobile app, it is vital that you try and have app stores feature you on their top rankings. This way you receive more traffic and installs from interested users organically. Plus, it is free advertising for your mobile app.

With that in mind, a UI/UX design-focused mobile app is more likely to be featured in app stores. Some can even receive an Editor’s Choice award if you’re truly lucky and you really have an app that’s worth users’ time.

Conserves Time and Cost

Lastly, investing initial costs and effort into creating a UI/UX design for your mobile app will save you time and costs in the future. If you have points that need tweaking or downright removing and replacing, it will cost you a lot of money and time.

Thus, if you have the user experience in mind on the onset, then you don’t have to make these changes and adjustments post-launch. You won’t have to constantly update the app.

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