Questions That Are Important During App Development:

Who is the app's target group?

In marketing, the target group is a group of people who want to reach you (as an advertiser or as a company) with your marketing measures. Who should your app appeal to? When and where should / will your target group use the app? Is your target group enthusiastic about apps at all? Even if, for example, the 55+ generation likes to use the Internet and increasingly also the smartphone, they still do so much less often than the younger generation. Under certain circumstances, other marketing measures may be promising.

What are the main benefits of the app?

Are you planning an app just because of the hipness factor? That is too little. An app must generate a mobile-wise added value. The user wants to be offered advantages over a desktop version of the website. An app from DB, for example, which automatically shows the way to the platform and the expected time (including delays in real time) provides the user with real added value.

What are the costs for an app?

The app development is first of all free of charge for the customer by the company. The programming of a simple app starts with about € 10,000. However, an app must be supported and maintained. It has to run on different operating systems and end-user devices, the functionality has to be tested with every update. The basic speed is high, as with other forms of digital marketing - you have to plan for that.

App and mobile websites

A company today should have a responsive website and a native app. A mobile website is specially optimized for use on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones): Adaptation to the small screen size, etc. Mobile websites are simply accessed via a browser (Firefox, Google Chrome). A native app is developed especially for the operating system of the respective end device. A mobile website is essential, as search engines (Google, etc.) pay attention to whether a website is also well presented when mobile. Companies without a good mobile website are ranked worse.

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