Motivational Life of Johnny Cohen - Australia; Phuket Thailand

Among all self-made entrepreneurs operating in recent times, Johnny Cohen or John Edward Cohen has attained most recognition. Rather than investing in large capital, he tried to reach unimaginable heights of prosperity by cultivating a few essential characteristics namely,

Motivational Life of Johnny Cohen - Australia; Phuket Thailand

  • Motivation- You are obviously not answerable to anybody, so, you have to push yourself on your own. Even when failing to earn enough money, never give up but continue moving forward.
  • Risk Taking Capability- You can only expect to gain a strong footing in ever-expanding business world by taking risks but obviously in a calculated manner. Remember playing safe would unfortunately do no good.
  • Flexibility- Instead of sticking to conventional notions, you must keep pace with emerging trends, and implement them with maximum caution. Be flexible while listening to ideas of your team members.
  • Passion- Finally, yet importantly, being passionate is quite necessary. Your sole objective must not be escalating profit levels but helping clients enjoy an agreeable experience under all circumstances.

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Early Days
John Edward Cohen was born in Sydney to exceptionally loving parents, who taught him significance of being disciplined. After completing tertiary education, John decided to embark on exciting journey of becoming a businessperson. He started with servicing real-estate properties all across Australia.

Arrival in Thailand
Rather than settling down as a mere property developer & investor, John decided to visit varied destinations of the world, and explore their remotest corners. He first travelled to Thailand, and was accepted by the country’s local community in a seamless manner. Along with support from wife as well as other reliable experts out there, he launched his own brand, which after ten long years became most acknowledged. Isn’t that simply amazing?

Additional Roles
Johnny Cohen in Thailand was loved by nearly everyone because he played two other distinct roles here.

  • Philanthropist- John always tried contributing to progress of underprivileged sections of society, thus, he is often seen assisting varied philanthropic activities. Apart from financially aiding nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), he donated basic supplies to schools, charities, orphanages, etc. Sending relief to areas suffering from natural disasters is also Johnny’s strong pursuit.
  • Leader & Mentor- Johnny Cohen loved sharing his knowledge on several topics. Besides guiding his own family members, friends, and colleagues, he also tried acting as a leader of Thailand’s natives. Instead of imposing insights, John allowed each person to express his/her opinions freely.

Current Work

John Edward Cohen of Phuket travels all through Asia for meeting personal and professional reasons. He is a welcomed patron in Thailand but has admitted to prefer spending time only in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Patong. Owing to handling global operations of his brand, John remains quite busy nowadays.

From above discussion we can fairly conclude that through sheer dedication, you can accomplish greater things in life. Johnny Cohen of Australia started out as somebody extremely ordinary but he put in substantial effort, and now rightly perceived as a highly successful professional. Just like modern-day youth, you can look up to him as an inspiration.

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