6 Rules for an Effective Call to Action

Are you having trouble getting sales? Maybe you're getting more bounce rates than click-throughs. The problem could lie with your messaging. Your messaging should provide an incentive you offer for readers to take the action you want them to. Here are six ways to enhance this important component of your branding. 

Offer Incentives 

People want to get something out of what they're doing whether it's downloading a report or joining a newsletter. An incentive takes the pressure off the sales process or the future sales aspect of the transaction. Your incentive doesn't have to be fancy or high in value. 

The most common types of incentives include blog posts, e-books, and informational guides. They not only enhance your website, but they also attract your clients. Discounts can be used as incentives, especially if you're trying to attract sales. If you're trying to build a relationship with your customer, keep in mind that they'll always expect a discount. 

Check Your Wording 

You don't want your content to contain any sloppy wording or phrasing. You want your content to be short and to the point. Customers don't want to spend most of their time reading when they're on your website. You have to get their attention and offer a unique selling proposition (USP) that puts you ahead of your competition. 

Answer "why" they should choose you and offer those reasons in a precise manner. Your wording should match your incentive. Your message and incentive should work well enough together that it follows the AIDA formula: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. 

Video Content is Key 

In this mobile age, video content marketing will become a big trend entering into 2019. Most customers have shied away from written content and gravitated towards video content. While your words still matter, your videos can make those words come alive. This is especially the case when you're educating your customers on new concepts or skills. 

You want your audiences to remember you. Video content is the best way to get yourself out there and to stick in your audience's minds. Like your written content, your videos should be short and to the point. Create a strong video that creates an emotional connection with your audience to allow them to take action. 

Show Don't Just Tell 

There's no need to be mysterious when you're trying to get your readers to take action. Customers don't like scrolling through endless sales pages. To create a successful call to action, you must show your product. Don't be afraid of increasing bounce rates because those who are interested will stick around. 

It's better to have a few dedicated customers than to have poor leads. Showing your product and explaining its benefits will be educational and informative to the customer. Whether it's through videos or photos, showing your product offers a visual representation. The trust level for the customer is increased, and they'll be more willing to take action. 

Creative Design Helps 

It's just as important to invest in creative design just like it is to invest in video content. The right designer can help make your website come to life. A successful designer can take various design concepts and make your ideas come to life. This will take your customer on a path that will lead them to take actions. 

If you want to DIY, it's important that you learn about the concepts of design. Some of these concepts include the use of arrows, boxes, colors, and white space. By using some or all of these elements, you can make an impact with your message. These design components will lead the readers' eye on a journey to take that action. 

Build Trust 

People are shy to share their personal information over the Internet. It's important for you to build trust with your customers in the beginning stages. Since every business seeks to build trust with their customers, a good place to start is with your messaging. 

As you craft your message, let your customers know that their information is safe and that you value their privacy. This is often enhanced by the incentive you offer them. But you still need to assure them that their information is safe and secure.

  Modified On Feb-21-2019 04:53:24 AM

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