Large and small businesses from all around the world are relying on video interviews during the hiring process. When compared to traditional interviews, this is a cheaper and more effective way to assess job candidates.

The bad news is that most people are terrible at video interviews.

The good news is that you can get better.

Why Is It Important to Master the Video Interview?

Let’s say you get the perfect resume and cover letter. You’re sure they are great, since you collaborated with professional resume services like You get ready to answer the most common interview questions. But what if the employer wants to see you for a video interview? Are you ready for that?

The employer chooses this type of communication instead of the phone interview because visuals help them form a better impression. There’s eye contact and body language involved, after all.

The biggest reason for improving your video interview skills is simple: many employers prefer this interviewing method. A survey from 2012 showed that 63% of HR managers often relied on video interviews during the hiring process. That was back in 2012. Today, video interviews are even more common and more important.

Here’s some good news: you can easily prepare for a video interview if you follow the right steps. We’ll give you the tips you need!

5 Tips on Getting Ready for Video Interviews

1. Make Sure the Equipment Is Ready

You have to be 100% sure that you have all the right tools for going through a video interview. Check the laptop battery. Check the Internet connection. Make sure you have the software the employer suggested. Most prefer Skype, but it’s important not to assume. Check the instructions for the interview very carefully!

You should also make sure the quality of your video and sound are high. You can easily do that: just invite a friend for a video chat to see if everything works well. Let them give you advice on the lighting and setting as well.

2. Set the Focus on You

Sitting in front of that colorful wallpaper or the red wall in your living room is not the best idea. It’s important for the camera to focus on you, so the interviewer will be able to form a clear impression. The background should look professional, so it’s best to stick with neutral backgrounds, such as a bright wall. Clear away any visible clutter!

Speaking of focus, you should also make sure no one disturbs you during the interview. Have you seen that BBC interview that kids interrupted? It’s not a job interview, but the same thing could happen when you schedule to talk with a potential employer. It may look cute when we see it happen to other people, but it’s definitely not something you’d want.

3. Keep Eye Contact

The hiring managers must get the feeling that you’re talking to them directly. You’ll achieve that by making eye contact. This means you shouldn’t be looking at their face on the screen when you speak. That would make you appear as if you were looking down, so you’ll seem less confident. Look at the camera instead.

But remember: you should not stare! That’s awkward in any situation, and the video interview is no exception.

4. Be Positive

The interview is a serious situation. However, no one wants to talk to an overly serious person with no sense of humor. It’s important to be relaxed. Smiling is a good thing when done in moderation. A good dose of self-confidence and enthusiasm will make you a memorable candidate.

We cannot stress the moderation part enough. Smiling or laughing all the time will make you seem unconfident or even creepy. Act like you would like in any normal social situation - you don’t want to be a clown, but you don’t want to look like you’re in miserable mood either.

5. Calm Down

This is the hardest thing to do. It’s an interview for a job you want, so it’s only normal to be nervous. However, any nervous tics will ruin the impression you make.

The easiest method for staying calm is preparation. Learn everything you can learn about the company and get ready to answer the most common interview questions from your industry. Take long, deep breaths before the interview starts. Practice a relaxation technique if you know one!

The video interview is a scary situation. When you’re not used to video chats, it makes you even more nervous. That’s exactly why preparation is so important. When you pay attention to all details, you’ll be able to present yourself as a good candidate for the job.  

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