The Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know

The Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know

61% of consumers (between 16 and 74 years old) placed at least one online order (online gifts, laptops, cloths etc. ) in 2019 (i.e. almost 8 internet users out of 10 are e-buyers), based on the 2019 ICT survey of households and individuals of the DG Statistics of the FPS Economy.

Frequency and budget for online shopping 

According to the COMEOS federation (last survey available: 2019):

  • 50% of e-buyers spend at least € 100 / month; 
  • 48% of e-consumers make purchases at least once a month and 7% each week ;
  • E-commerce would reach a little more than 7% of the turnover of retail trade;
  • 32% of consumers bought online in 2019 to replace purchases previously made in physical stores ;
  • but 35% of consumers have purchased additional goods / services online.

Internet users prefer conventional commercial and well optimized websites for their purchases, but auction sites are still experiencing some success.

To know more about online shopping statistics read the below infographic 

The Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know

Last updated:1/17/2020 5:20:15 AM
Vikram Rana

Vikram Rana

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