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6 Reasons Natural Shades make The Best Hair Colour

6 Reasons Natural Shades make The Best Hair Colour

William Tomlinson 901 10-Oct-2019

Have you ever wondered why do you want to colour your hair? Is it to hide those white or grey strands which are a hurdle in your style? Or you are a blonde and want to be brunette or vice versa? Or you just want to try some new and trending hair colour styles? Well, it doesn't matter what your reasons are, which matter the most is whether it is making your hair look beautiful or not.

The natural hair colour shades swapping between dark brown to light blondes will give you perfect natural colour look according to your personality. you don't have to opt for a colour for just one occasion according to your dress as natural colours provide your awesome throughout its existence.

There are 6 reasons why natural colours make the best hair colour and you should opt for this only.

It gives you super-smooth hair colour

Natural shades are smooth and even that comprise moisturizing ingredients that saturate your hair with conditioner to keep it hydrated. Natural is always considered silky and extra glossy hair colours as it gives a perfectly smooth texture to your dry and fine hair.

Because natural shades are natural

Natural hair colure shades are natural they do not look vibrant like the other shades and provide subtle colour process. They have no added warmth or smokiness in their shades, but just the perfect mixture of dewy natural tones to give your hair maximum result and awesome appearance.

It gives the no-makeup effect

it is a no-makeup formula to make your hair look gorgeous without having the feel of fake and transformed hair. Natural hair shades provide such amazing natural hair colour look that no one can ever imagine that your hair is coloured or your hair colour is not originally yours. You can use Directions Semi Permanent Hair Colour to give your such flawless natural shades.

Provide superior grey coverage

Natural colour shades are prime coverage for greys as their pure natural pigments are best to remove those stubborn grey or white hairs and transform them completely into your natural colour or complexion. This direction hair helps to form fresh and sparkling hues that elevate your hair and personality. Thus, natural colours work brilliantly to have you get rid of the tension of those grey strands.

They are low maintenance

If your hair grows quickly then the colours start getting fade from the down which means you always have to maintain it by adding more bleach and colour. It can require high maintenance, where natural hair colours suit your natural hair and do not demand such costly treatment very now and then.

Natural colours are also glossy

Natural colours give your hair a single and solid pigment which catches light immediately making your hair look dazzlingly glossy and shiny. Whether it is blonde or brown shade, it always has that vibrant and glorious appearance.

There are many shades of colour you can give your hair but the natural ones have distinct appreciation and beauty. So in inclusion, if you can relate to any above-mentioned reasons then natural colour shade could just be what you are looking for. 

Updated 08-Feb-2020

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