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How Long It Will Take to Complete The Exterior Painting of A Two-Storied Building?

How Long It Will Take to Complete The Exterior Painting of A Two-Storied Building?

123homepaints 1157 23-Sep-2019

This is the most common questions every owner asks. Generally, a two-story building takes 3-4 working days to paint. But it totally depends on several factors and how good is your home painting services Kolkata. Any paints company in Kolkata would follow the steps.

The below points are important that decide the time period

  • Preparation of the house. Like cleaning, removing dirt and mildew. To clean all the dirt, it needs pressure washing.
  • The next step is sanding to remove the old layer of paint and after that use a good primer.
  • Is it needed to paint the trims and sidings?
  • Is it needed to paint the front door?
  • Will the paint be applied by brush or sprayer?
  • The weather condition is also a very important point to focus on. Wind and rain can be a spoilsport.

Our paints company in Kolkata helps you to know the stages of exterior house painting. For the best home painting services Kolkata, call our paint company.


This stage includes cleaning the dirt or any other contaminants. To clean a house exterior our paints company in Kolkata uses power washing. This technique does not take the whole day. But the drying up process may take more than a day.


The prepping time depends. It could involve a large amount of stripping and priming. For a two-story building, it may take a whole day as it could include surface preparation, priming and preparation of door, window, frames and shutters.


Now it’s time to paint the walls. Painting needs special attention. One has to do the painting very carefully. Call professional home painting services Kolkata. Only an experienced house painting contractor and good equipment can do the job efficiently. The painting of a two-story building can take a couple of days under normal circumstances.

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