How to Earn Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

An Amazon affiliate case study can tell you home much money one can make as an affiliate marketer. A lot has jumped into the Amazon affiliate marketing program, spend time, money, and effort, but failed to realize the expected returns.

If you would like to do affiliate marketing for Amazon, here are 11 things that you should keep in mind so that you may do it right:

Understand the fundamentals of HTML

In building your site for your affiliate marketing endeavor, you’ll need to understand the basics of HTML. Sure, there will be a lot of easy-to-setup sites, but knowledge of HTML is needed for you to be able to insert images that you like, put links that you seem fit, and to basically customize your site to your liking.

Decide on a niche

A lot of people fail to realize the importance of specializing in a niche. Some think that doing this limits the opportunities. What they don’t know is that not doing it is what’s stopping them from achieving anything. At this point in time, it’s all about finding your niche and focusing on it.

Choose a low-cost but quality web hosting service

Affiliate marketing would not pay off in an instant. It’s therefore essential that you keep your costs low to ensure that you will be able to support it until you achieve the returns. So when you decide to set up your site, do it on an affordable hosting service, but one that would deliver a reliable service.

Strategize your Domain Name

Do you know that your strategy should begin from your site’s domain name? It’s not about being catchy and memorable. It’s about being caught when a user searches for keywords related to you. It’s great to be searchable even from just your domain name.

Your web hosting service might already take care of domain registration for you. But if you would like to ensure that you keep costs at the minimum, you can try looking for a cheap domain registration service, and then register your domain name yourself. This can do a lot of good if you have a lot of sites.

Make use of WordPress for your Blog

When you do affiliate marketing, posting content on a regular basis is essential. It would be great if you can do this on a platform that is very easy to use. Your best bet for this is WordPress. Not only is it free and easy to setup, but it is also very powerful. WordPress can help you out a lot. You would also be able to customize your blog’s look to your heart’s content thanks to a wide array of available templates for you.

Organize your Posts with Categories

It would be great if you categorize your content into categories so that your audience will be able to go through posts regarding a specific target that they have. Doing this is better than having to go scour your entire site for it. Navigability is essential and with categories, you have just made your site a lot more user-friendly.

Become an Amazon Associate

Once you have a site and/or blog, it’s about time you get to work. Doing this is free and is very easy. Just go to Amazon, and click on the Join Associates link that you can find at the lowest part of the page. Amazon will then review your site for approval.

Create an Amazon Build-a-Link Bookmark and Link

To be able to easily build links that have your affiliate ID on it, simply log-in to Amazon’s associates central then you’ll find Build-a-Link on the left sidebar. Go to static links, then individual items. Simply drag this into the links toolbar or into your favorites menu.

Start Building your Link

Once you’ve got the previous step done, you can start building your first link now. Login to Amazon with your associate account then look for a product that you would like to review. Use the Site Stripe on the item of your selection to obtain the personalized link to it.

Post your Review on your Blog

You should then publish your review on your blog. If you did make use of WordPress, there should be a blog posting link that you can use. Remember to include the link to the product that has your associate's id built into it.

Promote your Site

After posting a couple of reviews, it’s about time for you to promote your site. For best results, all your categories should have at least 2 posts each before you start promoting.

It is recommended that you tap online communities, other bloggers, and other platforms, to make the most out of promoting your affiliate site.

Start Earning Money by Doing Amazon Affiliate Marketing In the Right Way

Affiliate marketing can bring in a lot of money but only when done right. The guide above gives a step-by-step instruction on how you can do affiliate marketing in the right way so that you will have a good foundation for a well-crafted future with affiliate marketing.

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