5 Quick Tips for Launching Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram is becoming a more and more popular social media platform, and many businesses – both B2B and B2C – are now trying to work out how to promote their brand via this particular social network. Here are our 5 quick tips for marketing your business via Instagram.

1. Link All Of Your Social Media Profiles To Your Instagram Account

If you’re branching out into Instagram it is likely that you will already have a profile set up on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Link as many of these as you can to new Instagram account because if these people are following you on other social platform they are likely to follow you on Instagram.

2. Mix Up Your Images

Sticking strictly to corporate or company specific images might seem like the logical thing to do but you are going to struggle to get Instagrammers to engage and interact with you if they can’t see the fun or interest in what you’ve posted. If you mix up your images and think of ways to be creative with the more corporate images you want to share then you will find they get a much better response.

3. Make Sure You Use Hashtag# 

Hashtag, as with Twitter is the best way to describe what your images and posts are about. This will help you expand your reach as new followers will find you using these hashtags. Plus, it gives you a great way to be creative and add humor to more corporate posts #becaseweareextrasmart.

4. Expand By Using InstaVideo 

Instagram now offers a video facility, where you can upload up to 15 second of editable video footage to your account- make this most of this where and when you can as this helps mix up what you are posting and keep things fresh.

5. Always Follow Back 

To start with, you need to ensure you follow back all of the people who follow you. You want to grow your following on this site initially. If you find at a later stage that some of these followers have little interest in what you are posting and rarely interact with you, then you can consider unfollowing them at a later stage.

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