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Baroda Pioneer is the brainchild of two major players of the wealth and asset management bodies namely Bank of Baroda and Pioneer Investments. Featuring as a major market player in terms of debts, equities and money control, they have taken care of their clients’ investments in a tactful and secure way.

Baroda Pioneer Mutual funds have a net asset value of 9131 crores and operational in 40 different locations in the country. A quintessential mutual fund plan with a diverse portfolio and asset management skills,

Baroda Pioneer Mutual Funds gives you the option of selecting your portfolio with its plethora of investment that is intricately strategized for the customer benefits. Let’s take a look at the top performing deal that the asset management company has on offer!

1)    Baroda Pioneer PSU Equity Fund-Growth

Equities are indeed a big deal. Given their market performance and risk factor, it makes it a safer option.  96.21% investment in equities alone, the open-ended, mid-cap fund is ideal if you are looking forward to an appreciation in your invested funds. Baroda Pioneer Mutual fund in the PSU equity scheme demands a minimum investment of 5000INR which can be done in the form of systematic investment plans.  Performance wise, it has been known to generate a return of at least 13% when the investment period is limited to 6 months. Moderately high risk has only enabled the scope of growth for the scheme. 

2)    Baroda Pioneer Balanced Fund – Growth

A diversified investment across equities, debts and other assets, Baroda Pioneer Balanced Growth fund, is one of the best offerings from the house of Baroda Pioneer Mutual Funds. A balanced fund, as the name suggests, it focuses on balancing the portfolio. A major chunk of investment still lies in the equity sector with industries such as banks, fuel, industrial gases etc. which tend to perform moderately thereby reducing the risk. A six-month lock-in period has recorded a return value of 18% in general. 

3)    Baroda Pioneer Short Term Bond Fund – Growth

Debt funds are a mixed variety of investment that include fixed income securities, government bills, corporate bonds, etc. which comes with a fixed maturity value and a fixed rate of interest. Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund for Short-Term Bond growth fund focuses on generating an income for a shorter duration. Risk factor being moderately low, it demands a minimum investment of 5000 INR and can be paid as a SIP. It has been known to generate a return of at least 11% when the duration of investment is approximately two years. 

4)    Baroda Pioneer Income Fund-Growth

Yet another debt fund from Baroda Pioneer Mutual Funds, the Income fund growth is suitable for investors looking for a long-term plan. An investment plan that creates a lump sum to generate fixed income and efficiently balances the risk and returns. An enviable growth fund, it has performed well over time and accrued returns of approximately 10.05% for its investors. Baroda Pioneer Income Fund focuses on gaining the maximum out of its investment through banking and commodities services. 

5)    Baroda Pioneer Liquid Fund

Liquid funds usually mean when a major investment chunk lies in the securities area. Baroda Pioneer Liquid Fund comprises a diversified asset distribution across financial, communication and construction domains. Similar to a debt fund, the liquid fund scheme from Baroda Pioneer Mutual Funds is one of a kind. Not only does it generate an income but also focuses on maintaining a high level of liquidity. Similar to another open-ended scheme, it requires a minimum investment in the form of SIPs. Proven to generate an average rate of return of approximately 8%, it is a safer deal when you are looking for a long-term proposition. Low risk and moderately average ROR makes it a lucrative deal. 

6)    Baroda Pioneer Dynamic Bond Fund– Growth

Aggressive investors might find this one slower to suit their needs. However, comparatively seasoned investors can look for an opportunity in the Dynamic Bond growth fund. Funds are usually maintained by taking dynamic interest rates into account. However, it is difficult to predict the crests of the movement. A futuristically long-term plan, the fund has performed exceptionally well in the five years duration recording an average return of 12% annually. The funds are usually invested in the debts and money market instruments. Be it sectors like sovereign, finance or even a regular sector; it has not disappointed the investors. A moderately risky profile, it is definitely expected to perform better in the upcoming fiscal years. 

Baroda Pioneer Mutual funds have a diversity that is hard to beat in terms of beneficial schemes and designs. BE it a short term or long term plan; there is something for everyone. 

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