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6 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Ads

Kevin Urrutia 11810 27-Jun-2019

6 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Ads

When your prospects are searching for a product, service, restaurant, or promotion, they're more likely to search for it on Google first.

That's precisely how Google Ads work. A user enters a search term, and the search engine gives them a relevant ad for a product or a service.

Today, Google Ads aren't just a successful tool in driving traffic, but it also helps you market your product and drive in sales.

Therefore, if you've been ignoring one of the most popular online advertising platforms in the world, then it's time to take a second look.

In this post, we're going to discuss the top five reasons you should use Google Ads for your business.

1. AdWords is Both Flexible and Measurable

Do you know that Google Ads PPC is one of the most measurable online channels?

Sometimes, it's quite daunting to make precise measurements in SEO because you don't know the actions that led to an increase or decrease in rankings. Moreover, social media has been challenging to measure as well.

Google Ads are more transparent, giving different PPC metrics that help you know what's working and what isn't. You'll also know if your campaigns have a decent ROI. It gives you different options to customize your campaigns and ads to fit your specific needs.

Thus, you're able to hyper-target the audience that you want to reach.

Through Google Ads, you can:

  • Define keyword match types: For instance, you can show your ad to users who search using the precise keywords that you specify.
  • Utilize ad extensions: This shows a phone number, product images, and your physical address. You can even start a chat or take an email address from the SERP. 
  • Narrow down your audience: It allows you to filter the browser or device type, location, language, and time of the day.
  • Gain a network of non-search users: Like YouTube, Gmail, and other partner sites.
  • Leverage the display network: Excellent for building brand awareness, and converts at a lower cost on Google search.

2. It Provides Faster Results Than SEO

It would take months to see tangible results on SEO. Also, the competition is tight that it takes time for a website to prove itself, build authority, and links.

According to Voy Media, a top PPC agency, “Google Ads are an excellent alternative for new businesses because you don't have to wait a long time to achieve results. As you work on your site's SEO, you can also place some of your resources on your Google Ads campaign. That way, you can start gaining impressions and clicks almost instantly.”

Because the results are fast, it's a great way to test whether a specific keyword or audience is excellent to pursue an organic search. Usually, if it converts well in Google Ads, then it's worth ranking for in SEO and create your content in that area.

The great thing about it is that you can also get started on Google Ads even with a limited budget. Google even gives vouchers (or free budget) for advertisers who are just starting out.

3. AdWords are More Engaging

Google is always looking for ways to improve AdWords because it's one of its main sources of income. Also, Google notices that in-video ads on YouTube and product listing ads significantly get more clicks from users.

Thus, having these highly engaging ads means more revenue for advertisers and Google due to the brand new ad extensions and formats.

Moreover, YouTube has a billion unique users every month and approximately several million views daily.

When it comes to the ranking of popular search engines, YouTube comes in second. It is also twice as big as Bing and Yahoo combined. Naturally, you want your ads to be seen where people are.

4. You can Control Your Advertising Cost

Another excellent thing about AdWords is that you can set a particular cost each day for your campaign.

So, how does it precisely help your business? It lets you budget your campaign accordingly without having to worry that you'll go over-budget.

The worst thing that could probably happen to you is the volume of ads will start to drop as your budget gets lower. However, it’s still possible to increase your budget. This scalability is an excellent option if you want to gain more leads in a short period of time.

5. . It can Help Beat Your Competitors

Because the results of AdWords are relatively faster as compared to SEO, you'll have a significant advantage over your competitors. You're already appearing on search engines, you'll be gaining more clicks on search results than your other competitors in your niche.
But what if your competitor is using AdWords as well? Well, that isn't an excuse.
In data by Moz, 80 percent of search results already have AdWords ad placements. Those are covering as much as 85 percent on the results page.
It doesn't just mean that Google is making a huge profit from it, but it also goes to show that AdWords has become increasingly popular to more and more advertisers. So, an excellent strategy to beat them is to join them.

6. Google Ads Perfectly Complements Your Other Marketing Channels

Google Ads is an excellent way to complement your marketing efforts. Remarketing is a great way to utilize Ads and target people who have shown interest in your business.
Through Google Ads remarketing, it's possible to track previous visitors who visit your site with a cookie.
Ideally, your display ads will follow them all around the internet, so that you'll stay on top of their mind whenever they're ready to make a purchase.

Over to You

Google Ads has been consistently one of the best ways to reach your prospects, drive traffic to your site, and ultimately boost your sales. However, there's no point in creating a marketing strategy if you don't know what you're doing in the first place.
Therefore, properly educating yourself is key. Now that you know the reasons your business should use Google Ads, it's now time to sign up for an account!

Updated 07-Sep-2019

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