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  • Best 10 Android App Development Tips for 2019

    You are an Android 6 developer and have a fantastic idea, you put that idea on paper, and you have made a wireframe prototype. You may feel like the vast majority of the activity is done, however in all actuality, the work has recently started!...

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  • The Internet has made this world a small place to live in by broadening the connectivity with the world around us....

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  • Android Wear 2.0 Review

    Want to find out what's new in the new smartwatch with Android Wear 2.0? In this article, you can find the answer to your question....

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  • Best Surveillance App Android Phone – BlurSPY

    We have decided to help out the users in this regard. In order to choose the BlurSPY app, you should consider a number of things. The first thing is the list of features provided by the spy app....

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  • On a mobile, an app looks just like a tiny square symbol that contains some graphics inside it but in reality, it is more than just that. The icon of an app can be the telling difference between a highly popular app that gets downloaded very often a...

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  • Google Play store is home to 3.5 million apps, and the Apple Store got over 2.2 million apps, today every business needs a mobile app. Now every business, even small, local businesses need their own app....

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  • Can we buy Android tablet for less than $200?

    In this article we try to explain whether we buy Android tablet for 200 dollars and which benefits and disadvantages they have. Here we find fascinating facts and tips for buying tablets....

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  • Google plus Social API Integration (G+ Login in android)

    Before Social login in android, first of all, you have to enable your app. Step 1: To enable your app to get Google plus user profile, open after that click on Create New Project....

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  • Implementation of RecyclerView in Android

    In Android, RecyclerView is a more flexible and advanced version of ListView with some extra functionality. In RecyclerView different components work together to display different types of data. If you want to use ListView and RecyclerView together then any type of list and grid are created very easily....

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  • WebView in Android

    WebView is an android UI component that is used in different purpose like display a web page, display online components, display a HTML Content and apply HTML Formatting on android app....

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