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  • Creating a database connection is somewhat time-consuming because it involves the overhead of network-level handshaking and security credentialing for each new connection request....

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  • ListView Control in ASP.Net

    The ASP.NET ListView control enables you to bind to data items that are returned from a data source and display them. You can display data in pages. You can display items individually, or you can group them....

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  • DataList Control in ASP.Net

    The DataList control is used to display a repeated list of items that are bound to the control. However, the DataList control adds a table around the data items by default....

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  • We can use DataReader in ADO.Net to retrieve a read-only, forward only stream of data from the database...

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  • Connection string is one of the important part in database connectivity because without database connectivity we cannot connect the database with our project....

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  • DataTable is used to store data in memory in SQL database. DataTable contains a collection of constraints .in data base datatable is a collection of rows and columns. Datatable is ideal for this purpose, as you can take objects from memory and displa...

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  • DataSet

    DataSet has been designed for an offline container that means it always works on disconnected dataset contains data tables collections and their relationships it represent a complete set of data including tables that contain tables rows...

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  • Assembly is a collection of dll, exe, html, the assembly manifest which is a collection of metadata i.e. data about data that describes name of the assembly, culture setting, versioning, security and other resources....

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  • A SqlDataReader is good for reading data in the most efficient manner. We can not use it for writing data. We can read from SqlDataReader objects in a forward-only sequential manner. Once we have read some data, we must save it because we will not...

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  • Login form in ASP.Net

    Login form designing include a login page (shown above) , a page where user will be redirected after successful login and a sign out page which will be displayed after signing out....

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  • Data Grid View

    To create DataGridView first of all we need to insert DataGridView tool from toolbox....

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  • The ADO.NET DataSet contains DataTableCollection and their DataRelationCollection. It represents a collection of data retrieved from the Data Source. We can use Dataset in combination with DataAdapter Class....

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