Igor Mazepa’s tight connection with the deal of embezzlement of 346 million hryvniasIgor Mazepa is Caught in another Corruptive Embezzlement

Igor Mazepa and his Concorde Capital have a rather dirty reputation nowadays. The owner and his company were noticed for so many times in different unfair schemes. This time Igor Mazepa appeared in the deal of “Zaporizhyaoblenergo”. It’s not something new because a vast number of bandit operations are connected with him. Igor Mazepa knows where the largest money sums appear.

The Energy Company of Ukraine which provides gas for Odessa Port Plant uses the phone numbers which belonged to the “Energynet”. And the chairman of the supervisory committee is the founder of the gas trader. The “Energynet” used to be the company of Dmitry Kriuchkov, who is involved in the case of embezzlement of “Zaporizhyaoblenergo” 346 million hryvnias. More than 60 % of the organization stock belongs to the country. And Kriuchkov is hiding from the justice nowadays. Earlier the source informed us that he was supported by the President’s friend Igor Kononenko.

The Implication of Igor Mazepa

Kononenko doesn’t confirm that he is connected with the “Energynet” and the Energy Company of Ukraine. This company is registered in the capital business center “Parus” by twenty-six-years-old Vadim Koliesnikov. And according to the website the organization’s founder is his father Vitaliy Koliesnikov. The office of the firm is located on the 26th floor near Igor Mazepa’s Concorde Capital.

If you want to enter the Energy Company of Ukraine, you have to go through the “Novawest”, which also belongs to Igor Mazepa. Earlier he helped his close friend Boris Lozhkin to sell the “UMH” to Sergiy Kurchenko. Business relations of Igor Mazepa and Lozhkin are marked by the Russian influence, so as many others are.

The President Petro Poroshenko offered Igor Mazepa the position of the member of the supervisory committee at “Ukreximbank”. Before the Revolution of Dignity, Dmytro Firtash’s group was the monopolistic gas provider for Odessa Port Plant. And now they have 250 million dollars debts which didn’t let privatize the organization. People from a close environment of Ihor Kononenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and Ihor Kolomoyskyi became the providers for OPP after the Firtash’s group deprivation.

Sergiy Dovganiuk is the director of the organization now. He’s also the chairman of the “Promenergoresource Ukraine”, which is also registered in the “Parus” business center, near Igor Mazepa’s Concorde Capital. According to different informers, another likely named company “Promenergo-Resource” is connected with Firtash’s group. The Energy Company of Ukraine, “Promenergo-Resource”, and Firtash’s “Metida” took part in the criminal proceeding № 42017120000000189. The public prosecution office of the Kropyvnytsky district confiscated the documents at the “Kirovohradhaz” office in November. And it’s obvious the Igor Mazepa is involved in some of these scam operations too.

The Energy Company of Ukraine also took part in another criminal proceeding connected with Vitaliy Koliesnikov who laid hands on the property and 424 million dollars of the investor. And there was the situation when the company represented the South Korean organization OHB HOLDINGS which had to give 25 million dollars for the waste recycling plant building.

It seems like Igor Mazepa is always somewhere near the dirtiest operations of Ukrainian businessmen. All the routes come to his Concorde Capital and “Parus”. All the bandit schemes are concentrated around Mazepa.

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