Thanks to Chetan Bhagat for introducing us to BPO’s in India in his bestseller “One night at the call centre”. Call Centre is a limiting word nowadays for flourishing outsourcing companies, though it gave us an insight about the culture of BPO’s. Earlier young generation, passed out of school used to work in these BPO’s just to earn quick bucks. Nowadays, the story is different. Highly educated genre with multitasking abilities is joining these BPO’s and providing services to the clients across the globe. Many IT companies have set up their own support centers. Growth in this industry is tremendous and lot of money is pooled in to drive this industry to greater heights. One can join as an Associate and move up the hierarchy to the level of CEO, depending upon their caliber…. Walk into DLF Cyber City once sometime and you can very well imagine what revenue these BPO hubs are bringing to India.

So let’s have a look at the “Top 10 Outsourcing companies in India”…..COUNTDOWN BEGINS…..

Isn’t there always a better and different way to do things? Yes, there is. This is what EXL Service believes in. Though it holds 10th position, don’t you agree that being even at 10th position is no small feat? Incorporated in 1999 at Delaware, USA by Vikram Talwar and Rohit Kapoor. Its first delivery centre in India was set up in Noida in 2000. It provides services to various organizations in insurance, healthcare, banking, financial services etc with the help of 24000 employees across five continents.

Going in reverse order, now comes the 9th position, which is being held by HINDUJA Global Solutions Ltd. They believe in providing excellent customer service experience, due to which 74% of its dissatisfied customers have been recovered. They provide services ranging from product support to getting information from the 1100 qualified nurses regarding care assessment, health information and claim processing. Not only that, they can map customer’s journey and tell them regarding the potential sales points, on variety of devices 24/7. Present in 12 countries, with 40000 employees and 24 delivery centers in India.

35 centers, 10 countries, 3 continents...Do you want for more? This is Aditya Birla Minacs, occupying 8th position. More than 50% of their revenue comes from Manufacturing. Also they are planning to open their centre in Middle East.

Now comes INFOSYS Bpo at no. 7. Infosys needs no introduction as it is the BPO arm of the IT company Infosys. Found in 2002, operates in 15 countries worldwide with more than 30,000 employees.

Next on the charts occupying 6th position is FIRSTSOURCE. Headquartered in Mumbai, it provides services to banking and financial services to the customers. It also serves telecom, media and healthcare sector. It has its operations in 5 countries.

5th position is occupied by WIPRO BPS. Customer service is their prime focus as the customer these days want to get the solutions easily and immediately. Smart technology is needed to meet increasing customer demands globally. Robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics and predictive modeling are being used to serve the customers. Having presence in 11 countries, services are being provided in various languages.

Here it is…at the 4th position….AEGIS Ltd. Owned by Essar, it operates in 43 locations across 9 countries employing more than 40000 people. Providing new-age services to the clients and meeting their requirements even in the rapidly changing world, helping them adapt to the latest, without compromising with quality.

Next is WNS at 3rd position. It started as a captive unit of British Airways in 1996 and now British Airways is one of its clients. Keshav Murugesh is the group CEO and is a real agent of change. In one of his interviews, he seemed disturbed with the fact that Outsourcing is still synonymous with “call center”, though it has more to offer and there has been a constant change in the industry which needs to be noticed and the stereotyped image has to be fought with. More than 30,000 employees are offering their services in 42 delivery centers globally.

Inspite of losing its leadership position, GENPACT still manages to be at no 2. Founded in 1997, it was a part of GE. After becoming an independent company in 2005, it has grown to having 73 delivery centers in 25 countries globally and has been providing employment to more than 70000 employees, serving 800 clients. Genpact stands for “Generating Business Impact” which they have been truly delivering upon over the years.

Apart from being at the top in IT segment, TCS has garnered the TOP slot for its BPO wing as well, toppling Genpact from the leadership position after years of remaining there. TCS has grown faster in terms of revenue and has also made series of acquisitions so that they are able to provide varied services. Having wider portfolio, its services are extended to banking, financial and insurance etc. Having consulting-based approach, combined with analytical skills, has given them an edge in fulfilling customers’ needs.

So, this is it. And there is a long queue of Outsourcing companies out there to make an impact and be among the top players. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next report to be out on this and see what reshuffling has happened, along with the new entrants and their performance….Fight is on for the top…. and a ‘bigger fight’ to be at the top….

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