Apple iPhone 13: some specs leaks

Apple iPhone 13: some specs leaks

The new Apple iPhone 13 series is set to make its debut on September 14 in Apple’s “California streaming” event. The event and launch are going to be an all-online show concerning the pandemic situation all over the world. According to analysts and keen observers, there are 4 versions that are set to be launched: 

  •  the iPhone 13,
  • the iPhone 13 Mini,
  • the iPhone 13 Pro and
  • the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Expected colors:

  • iPhone 13 is said to come in Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, PRODUCT (RED), and White colors.
  • iPhone 13 Pro could be available in Black, Silver, Gold, and Bronze colors.

Expected storage:

  • iPhone 13 is tipped to get 64GB, 128GB models
  • iPhone 13 Pro could be available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage.

Expected design:

  • a trimmed down notch
  • bigger lenses
  • thicker chassis
  • 120Hz LTPO display
  • an in-display fingerprint scanner
  • a bigger battery

Both the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are expected to follow the same design with just a few changes here and there. The trimmed-down notch display would be achieved by placing the infrared illuminator, sensor, and dot projector in a single module. The reduction of the VCSEL chip used in the Face-ID system will play a major role in downsizing the notch.

Apple iPhone 13: some specs leaks

Expected battery upgrade:

The iPhone 13 series is expected to get a battery upgrade as per some reports. They will have a 3095mAh battery. It is also expected to offer a better battery life.

Expected camera specs:

  • The iPhone 13 Pro is speculated to feature a six-element lens.
  • Researchers are also claiming that the ultra-wide lens on iPhone 13 Pro will get support for autofocus.
  • The primary camera lens will feature an f/1.5 lens which will allow better night shots and bokeh images.
  • The LiDAR sensor and sensor-shift stabilization feature are also expected to come this time.
  • The series will also get a bokeh video feature similar to the iPhone’s image bokeh feature
  • A Pro-res video mode will be introduced for recording higher quality footage.

Please note that these are just speculations. The real specs would be unveiled only at the launch event.

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