It seems like e-cigarettes are the way to go for smokers if they want to curb their harmful pastime and experience a major gain in their health. Health officials in the United Kingdom have realized this, and they are urging chronic smokers to turn to vape. This will serve as the first step in the ultimate quest to stop smoking altogether.        

Studies have found that the health hazards carried by e-cigarettes are just a fraction of those normally found in conventional cigarettes. Therefore, public health practitioners in the UK are encouraging smokers to shift to vaping and reap the substantial positives on offer with regard to their health.

Public Health England, a government-supported health body in the UK, has recently released a detailed report about the benefits of vaping. It states that, if done right, e-cigarettes can help as much as 20,000 British smokers walk away from tobacco within one year. This number could significantly grow in just a few years as well.

Generally speaking, people seem to be having a lot of misconceptions about vaping. The usual concern is that e-cigarettes will serve as the entry point that will eventually turn young people into chronic smokers. The report dispels these apparent myths as well.

According to the results of their research, vaping is about 95% less hazardous compared to smoking a conventional cigarette. What’s more? The risk to bystanders is negligible as well. The report by Public Health England (PHE) notes that this represents a tremendous opportunity to curb smoking in the country.

The need to clear the misconceptions among the public has also been stressed upon in that report. Failure to take advantage of this opportunity is being considered as a tragedy. Therefore, all the false fears and misunderstandings about vaping need to be done away with.

There are almost 8 million smokers in the UK, and it is imperative that something gets done that will eventually lead to them quitting smoking or adopting relatively healthier and less harmful alternatives. The PHE report further states that if every one of the smokers in the UK turned to vape, as much as 75,000 lives can be saved in a year.

This is precisely why health experts around the country have called on the NHS to regulate and validate e-cigarettes. They could be a very important first step to curbing smoking in the country. There are, however, some things need to be kept in mind.

E-cigarettes are not a “healthy” alternative. They are much less harmful compared to tobacco and can lead to improved health among smokers, but they are not a healthy item of use. There is also a downside. Many studies have also concluded that the flavors used in e-cigarettes can lead to respiratory problems while also causing damage to the immune system. They are not a completely risk-free alternative.

So, the idea is to get smokers off conventional cigarettes by giving them a less harmful alternative. There are risks with vaping as well. is just not as dangerous when compared with conventional cigarettes.

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths every year. The fact that many of those deaths can be avoided with the help of vaping is something that needs to be considered seriously.