The joy of floating on the deep blue waters of the Arabian ocean and feeling the cool sea breeze around is a magical experience in itself and needs a whole new list of words to describe. Especially when you are on high-performing and luxurious vessel, well equipped with all the modern day facilities, it becomes even more magical. Luxury yacht rental Dubai is one of the best ways to cultivate an atmosphere of joy, pleasure, glee, laugh and gratification. Being on shimmering waters of Persian Gulf and cruising around Dubai Marina and Burj al Arab is a perfect way to revive, rejoice and energise.

Experience Yacht Rental Dubai with Royal Yachts

Royal Yachts, one of the most renowned and top-notch companies in the United Arab Emirates is known for its fleet of most exotic and stylish yachts in Dubai. Our hard work and the tempering heat of experience and maturity sets us apart from others in the region. Since our inception, we have taken a pledge to provide boat rental and yacht rental services at the most affordable prices in the Middle East and make it a prime maritime hub.

All our yachts are the perfect fit for all the events from corporate gatherings, birthday parties, wedding receptions, business meeting to friends reunion. Equipped with jacuzzi, spa, latest sound system, water slide and all other like facilities, our yachts offer an ambience to make every aspect of the client's experience a little better and more memorable. Our extremely hospitable staff will make your each and every moment blossom like never before.

On-board five staff chefs are always ready to bring the most delicious tastes and flavours to you. The most aromatic and mouth-watering cuisine will be available to you by our kitchen team in minutes. You just have to tell us what you want and everything will be served to you.

In addition to this, complimentary drinks and beverages served time to time will add up more joy and pleasure to your yacht cruise. Trained and highly experienced staff onboard make sure that our client gets the more enriching experience that adds fulfilment and contentment in their lives.

Furthermore, water sport add-ons can put out the fire of adventure burning in you and make your cruise even more exciting and thrilling. From flyboarding, jet ski to banana boating there will be no shortage to quench your thirst.

Create memories with the ones you love..!!

Our stylish vessels are an absolutely perfect venue for all sort of yacht parties, whether it is an intimate gathering with a bunch of close connections or a blasting event with a huge crowd. Whether you want to celebrate your birthday on a yacht or throw your wedding receptions, all our yachts and highly professional services are a perfect match for any celebration. We have a professional and trained event management team, which leaves no stone unturned in making your parties the talk of the town.

For additional luxury touch, we provide professional photographer, DJ, laser light display, firework and VIP transfer services upon request. We let you plan and choose the party theme, dinner theme, and decoration style as per your desire. We work keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of our clients after discussing their needs and expectations from us.

Plan your next party with us and embrace the magnificence of the ocean.

Open door of tranquillity and blissfulness with the best yacht charter Dubai..!!

In the hustle bustle of everyday life, we often forget to give some time to our loved ones. We often forget to catch the happiness that drapes around our lives all the times. Yachting on the shimmering waters of the Gulf with friends and family can be an experience that may mould your relationships into fascinating ones.

We are the award-winning yacht charter company and our luxury yacht charters to Sir Bani Yas, Oman and RAK can bring you closer to the moments of awe that can further change the way how you experience life and the world around you.

Our charters to Oman and RAK gives you an opportunity to imbibe the nature and connect with stars, moon, ocean, wildlife and relaxing sea breeze. Swim with dolphins, experience scuba diving and see the hidden underwater world. It is like being in a little bit of dream world.

We also offer the private yacht charters, which you can customize as per your needs and requirements.

Luxurious charters are the best way to feel the real existence of life, it will