Key Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a College Paper

Writing a quality paper is one of the major challenges that most college students face. While there are many reasons why students will struggle with college papers, one of the main reason is that the students keep on making the same mistakes over and over again with each assignment. Below are some of the mistakes that you will have to avoid in order to write a stellar paper.

Failing to Conduct Adequate Research

In college, the stakes and expectations are high, so that your professor will expect you to write a professional paper befitting a college student. It is impossible to write a quality paper if you do not conduct adequate research. If you want to ace that essay, make sure that you research the topic thoroughly, pick a position and connect with the subject.

Failing to Stick to the Required Format

There are several formats that your professor may require you to follow while writing your paper, and will award points for sticking to that format. Some of the common formats include MLA, APA, OSCOLA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian. To make sure you do not lose points, stick to the required format throughout your paper. If you are not familiar with that format, seek the assistance of your friends or your supervisor. You can also get valuable information about formats online.


Ideally, Plagiarism refers to the act of taking another author’s ideas and passing them off as yours consciously, or subconsciously where you fail to cite or credit that particular author’s work. All colleges will have a policy against plagiarism, and will often involve losing points in your paper, or worse still, you could be suspended. This is a problem that can easily be solved by properly citing the sources from which you draw your reference, while at the same time sticking to the format. For instance, if your paper requires the MLA format, make sure that you cite your sources in conformity with MLA requirements.

Failing to Edit the Paper before Submission

Some college students will not take the time to read through their paper after completing the assignment. If you do not edit your paper, you are likely to submit a paper with spelling and grammatical errors. Such errors will cost you a lot of points. As such, make sure that you edit your paper thoroughly before submitting it.

Focusing on Summary Instead of Analysis

When you have a paper to write, it usually entails a particular topic, where your professor will expect you to give your opinion with concrete support. Unfortunately, some students will explain or even summarize the topic instead of analyzing it. To write a great paper, make sure that you understand the topic, pick a side and support that stance with relevant references.

The above mistakes are just some of the common mistakes that most college students make when writing their paper. However, if you still find writing your college paper a huge challenge despite the above tips, you should consider  custom writing services. They offer custom written papers from essays, term papers, theses, research projects and so on. The benefit of working is that you have a guarantee of a high quality paper, free from all the above common mistakes.