SureSafe Alarms is a Telecare and Assistive Technology company specialising in panic alarms for elderly Britons. We are committed to the belief that the ability to maintain independent living and age with dignity should be the right of everyone, not only for those that can afford it. The company was built with the aim of delivering the highest quality service and product while maintaining a price that is affordable for all.

Did you know that the risk of a fall can actually be increased by having a fear of falling itself? Sounds strange, but it’s true. Let’s think about it for a moment: when people grow older they are aware that they are becoming less mobile.

Recognising this they grow fearful that they are at an increased risk of a fall and many decide that the correct response is to reduce their activity levels – if I don’t move as much, I’m less likely to fall they think. Unfortunately, when elderly Britons reduce movement, their mobility and balance decline. The actual result is an increase in the risk of falling.