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In Pakistan, children start their school at the age of five and passing through grade nursery, grade one through grade five pass their primary school. From grade sixth to eight they study middle school and then high school or secondary school starts from grade nine till grade ten and at this stage the students are awarded the Secondary School Certificate.

After the secondary school certificate, students can attend intermediate schools, higher secondary schools or even the technical education colleges for basic and advanced technical education. After this point, the undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degrees start and they can go to universities. But on the other hand, the reality is very brutal, only 87 per cent children who enroll at schools hardly reach to the primary level out of 45 per cent of total children under the age of 5 years.

There are several reasons for not enrolling at schools or leaving schools before they pass the primary education. Most of them who dropped out of schools or don’t enroll are the girls. Most of the families cannot afford the education of their children even it is free in government schools. The cost of sending them school for quality education is more than they can actually afford because it is a common perception in Pakistan that public school education tends to be of lower quality.

In all this scenario children leave their school to help their parents. Between secondary school and undergraduate level, Pakistan has a strict aptitude testing system to evaluate the students before enrolling them at engineering or medical universities. This is one of the hardest points in the study career of students in Pakistan. There are unique alternatives offered these days by means of online education.

Now even teachers can use these online programs to enhance their teaching skills and students can learn online from anywhere across the globe without attending school. With the integration of most modern e-learning technology powered by cloud technologies, it has shifted the power of learning over the internet and students can now enroll globally without even leaving their living rooms. To see more detail about these online educational platforms, see our list of top online educational platforms in Pakistan.

Here is the list of top online learning platforms for Pakistani students

International School of Berne Online

Finding a good school for children is never been an easy task for any of the parents across the globe even it is from the UK, USA, Australia or even Pakistan. One of the other tough challenges is the selection of courses in a school. Many parents and students then move on the online courses and distance learning systems, which are flexible, reliable and offer thousands of accredited courses at the same time. The same in the case of the International School of Berne Online.

The international school of Berne offers distance learning and online education in a number of countries across the globe, including Pakistan and considered as one of the best online educational platforms in Pakistan. The International School of Berne targets students of an age of 18 to 22 with the choice of both full time and part time courses in a number of fields to get learn and qualified.

The IS Berne Online education platform offers a number of options to learn, flexibility is one of the most crucial factors and student can learn from their living room with the help of dedicated online tutors and teachers. There are more than 200 high quality fully accredited courses offered online at IS Berne. This school is providing excellence in education since 1962 and with the advancement in technology, they have found more means of reaching students.

Key features and reasons for choosing the IS Berne Online School

• High Achievers

• Expats, distance learning

• Homeschoolers, no need to attend classes

• Athletes in innovation

• Performers

• Apprentices

• Students Abroad

• Travelling families

• Extra Courses etc.

Get more information at: is a pioneer in online learning and admission testing systems. A relatively new online platform is the One of its own kind online learning platform which offers high-quality e-education at a different level. The novelty of the platform pushed us to dig it a bit deeper for our readers to test its offerings, flexibility and innovation in the modern education and testing systems.

It offers all types of tests preparations from NTS to PIAS, specializing in MDCAT, ECAT, GAT, NAT and HAT test preparations. Targeting the student from classes XI across the country and offer courses ranging from 3 months to 2 years. The founders of said that they founded with the sole principle of delivering the excellence in preparation products and offer strategic, tactical and analytical understanding to the students to solve any type of problem during the test. also offers tactical and strategic understanding to resolve all the problems associated with conventional learning has formulated strategic, and tactical tools which fulfil all your entrance exam needs. help students to prepare for exam across the country in a much smarter, quicker and better way. Being a local MDCAT online preparation system, it saves a lot of money and other costs to the students. To accomplish this, has a team of exceptional teachers who are highly skilled, passionate, motivated and dedicated with years of experience in the education field. According to the promise, Quality and excellence is the only thing they are focusing on. The key features of getting enrolled at

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Studying at, even it is a medical test preparation to get admission in any of the medical colleges or universities or get into the engineering universities across the country. 24/7 access to the learning platform is available.

Matchless Content

Students get benefit from the matchless content produced by the world-class teachers, professors and educational experts.

Interactive System Design offers an Interactive Software Design to drive excellent outcomes. Latest technology and to deliver the content including the progress analytics help the students to achieve their goals.

Personalized Learning Experience

The system offers excellent flexibility in the system and students can draft their own way of learning and create tests, students can overcome their strengths and weaknesses at the same time and focus on the selected areas.

Best Utilization of Time maximizes the self-study habit and it is something actually excels the student’s ability to learn.

Highly Cost Effective online platform with a live support team

It offers highly cost-effective systems to learn more and more with flexibility and a lot of savings as no additional costs.

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Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy is another local online learning platform and it offers learning opportunities to students while sitting in their living rooms. The system offers online test facilities from class I to Class XII. This system offers test preparation for students throughout the country for medical, engineering and NTS testing.

Learning Online Become Easier with the virtual Academy with the help of OLMS or online learning management system. Students can learn one lesson on daily bases followed by a test exercise of only 5 MCQs.

The virtual academy offers free trials like the free trials but they have no comparison with the where students can learn unlimited with the help of video lectures, thousands of MCQs and self-prepared tests. Virtual Academy is a basic online tool.

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Future School

Future School is another online educational platform for Pakistani students that offers e-education facilities to the students. This system has some excellent flexibility and helps the teachers to use the material offered at Future School so that they can help their students, while on the other hand, students can attend the online classes too.

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Learn Smart Pakistan

Learn Smart Pakistan is not an actively dynamic online learning school system like, Future Schools or the IS Berne, it basically provides educational resources online from 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. Students can get access to all kinds of educational videos, and practice questions online. The quality of the system is that the all curriculum is based upon Pakistan’s educational Board curriculum. Learn Smart Pakistan is a free Online Learning Challenge.

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