Creative Marketing & Web Design

Creative marketing and great web design can instantly boost online popularity. Every year, the internet advances, thus, marketing and design trends change. Keeping up with the latest trends online is only smart to do for every business. The top fortune 100 companies always seek out the latest advancement and apply them on to their profession. The designers and coders at Digital Marketing Agency have made a list of the most creative marketing tricks and web design trends. 

Artimization List of 6 Creative Marketing Tricks and Web Design Trends

1-Drawing Attention. Increasing the size of all web page elements by three to four times larger can instantly draw attention to a website. This primarily includes the font size, menu size, and images. Drawing attention to a web page is the first key goal of creative marketing. Bigger on page elements also promote a mobile friendly design, thus, creating a win-win situation for the mobile user and the average visitor.

2-Use Color Psychology. Colors are known for their ability to insinuate feelings on individuals. This is why colors are different per business field. The right colors can create a successful marketing campaign and web design. In terms of marketing, colors that are loud like orange and yellow draw the most attention. Color psychology really exists and is currently practiced on web design and top marketing campaigns.

3-Promote Socially. Social websites are known for their ability to increase a companies brand popularity online. When a person searches a website, they will instantly go and see how many Facebook likes and twitter followers that particular website has. This is a common habit for almost every web visitor that has slight internet in a business. Social media has become so widespread that billions of people around the world are actively participating on a daily basis. Having popularity in social media can instantly mean greater web expansion and company popularity.

4-Double Subscribers. By increasing subscribers more popularity will be gained and a website will have the ability to legally message users to notify them of new coupons and other great offers. Subscriptions and mail listings are still very effective. Top companies like amazon generate billions of sales a year through subscriptions.

What are the 3 Creative Ways to increase subscribers?

A. Pop Up Subscription Box. Adding a cookie based PHP subscription box is a new design trick that has increased the chance of increasing online subscribers. The pop-up subscription diverts a visitors attention in the center of the screen and promotes the subscription box even further.

B. Javascript Subscription box. A light weight javascript effect in the subscription box can create an engaging animation that will draw in a website visitor to the subscription box zone.

C. Heat map Review. Installing and reviewing a heat map can give a website owner great knowledge pertaining to web visitor click patterns. The area where it is most hot in a heat map will suggest that the specific area has been most clicked. This information can guide to knowing where exactly to place a subscription box.

5-Engaging Web Animations. Digital UI/UX animations have changed the world of web design. Users that land on an animated website will most likely stand longer on page, hence, increase the visitor page stay time. Animated websites are much more interesting and advanced.

6- One Page Page Web Design. The one-page web design has made web design just a bit more creative. With tons of room for design, a one-page web design makes a big impact on the web. By displaying all pages in just one page, this can give a first-time visitor a great website showcase. The most popular effect for the one-page web design is the parallax effect. This effect is known to smooth out the long scrolling and make transitions on scrolling. The one-page web design has transformed the perspective of what the average design should look like in a revolutionary way.

Becoming creative on the web can have amazing results for every business. Creativity attracts attention and increases marketing effort instantly. With millions of website online, standing out and make your mark is certainly important. Use 6 ways noted above to improve your marketing and web design skills.