Parking your brand new car under the shady tree seems like the best idea on a hot sunny day until you return to find the tree sap on the surface of your vehicle. Moreover, if you think touching it or using a towel can quickly remove it, then you are wrong. Unless you don’t have the right product, you cannot get rid of it entirely.

If you are obsessive about keeping your car clean at all-time then regular dripping of tree sap can be frustrating for you. As it not only will make your prized possession untidy but also can affect the paint of your car. If you want to clean the tree sap off your car, then this blog is definitely for you.

What is Tree Sap? 

Tree sap is also equal to the ‘blood’ of trees, which contains necessary nutrients and myriads minerals that are responsible for the survival of the tree. It also provides energy to the tree that helps in their growth and proper functioning. Two different types of liquid are considered as sap; one is xylem and second is phloem. Out of these two, Phloem is the glue type sap that is sticky as it has sugar, which has the power to cause significant damage to your car's paint. If your car's surface is filled with transparent and red-tinted bumps then for eradicating it, you need to avail professional car cleaning service from GoKleen.  

How can tree sap damage the paint of your car? 

Being one of the worst things tree sap can damage the paint of your vehicle in a way that it will be difficult for you to eradicate it. 

How tree sap can affect your vehicle and how it can damage the paint of the car? This question may sometimes confuse readers, but they should understand people often park their car under the shade of the tree. Parking the car in the tree shade will prevent direct falling of sun rays, but dripping of sap from the tree can be bad for the car's paint.

Sap from tree drips on the car surface, which after baking under the sun changes into solid resin-like substance. This eats away the clear coating and paint of the car, and damage the area around the sap too. It is unable to remove the dried off sap by using standard car washing methods, spray cleaners, cleaner waxes and other solvents.

Leaving the sap for a long time can make the situation much worse, but if you want to nip the problem at once. Then you can opt for doorstep car wash service from the GoKleen to get rid of the sap.

How to remove tree sap from the car? 

Usually, people will recommend using a large amount of water to get rid of tree sap, but here in this blog, we have listed some of the best methods to do it. 

Method 1: Use soap and hot water for washing the car.  

●You have to wash your car as soon as possible to maintain the sparking exterior of your car. As leaving, the sap or any other substance on the car surface for longer duration will make it difficult to remove it.

●Spray clean water on your car to get rid of debris and then you can focus on the sap. Make sure you wash the whole car, not the particular area that is affected by sap.

●Use the hot soapy water to rub the surface of the car with microfiber rag to weaken the hold of sap. Always use a clean rag to get away all the debris from your car.

●You have to rinse the surface repeatedly so that you can remove the sap altogether. Once all cleaning is done, then you can dry the wet surface using a dry towel. However, some wax from the car surface also get removed in the process and then you have to use the general car waxing method to make it right.

If after applying hot water, the sap is removed then it’s good for you, but if the problem remains, then you can use method 2 and 3 for sap removal.

Method 2: Usage of Commercial Remover 

●If all your attempt to washing the car with hot water and soap gets wasted. Then you don’t have to lose faith as this warm water as med the sap smooth and now by using any commercial product you can remove it quickly.

●You can find commercial sap removal product in the auto parts store. Experts always advise to use commercial products to remove the sap without damaging the exterior of your car.

●Take few amounts of remover on the clean microfiber rag and then gently rub it over the sap from some time. The connection of the sap and car 's surface get a break only when the sap soaks the remover.

●You need to rewash the car to remove any residue that is left, and after that, you have to apply the car wax to renew the protective layer of car.

Method 3: Use Home products to remove sap 

●Variety of products available in your home can be used for the removal of tree sap. You can use either mineral spirits or alcohol wipes.

●Apply mineral spirit on the soft cloth and then rub it lightly on the sap to break down it. Do not rub it vigorously as it can damage the surface of your car.

●Make sure; you are not using alcohol wipes and mineral spirits together to remove the sap. Alcohol can also remove the fresh pine sap as it evaporates quickly.

●Even the usage of hand sanitizer can also help you in getting rid of the dried sap.

●Finish the process if sap removal with car washing followed by applying a coating of car wax.

Regardless of any method you use for removing the wax, your car should be washed and then waxed. Car waxing will help you in protecting the paint as well as clear coating of your car. If you are confused, which method will be best for your car, then you can opt to either speak with car experts of GoKleen or go for doorstep car wash service.