It’s a type of amusement when you own a pool for your own space. Allowing the kids to have their good time, spending summers around it, organizing parties or anything that can make a moment out there. Some have their private pools and some share the local one. Or those who don’t have either of it, they prefer going to the sports hub where they can pay and use the common pool. Well, maintenance of private pool is easy in comparison to that of the local or common pools.

Pool cleaning pumps are the type of devices around which the entire pool cleaning work revolves. They are the basic utility that helps in removing all the types of waste out of the pool and also clean the tiles below preventing them from being extra slippery. Unfortunately, the employees or the owners have no exact knowledge of these devices, their benefits, and use, hence they end up doing the normal clean up routine whereas a lot can be drawn out of it.


One of the best range available in the same brand, Krystal clear sand pump is highly prescribed pool pumps in the market. Eliminating the medium range of other cleaners, this one provides effective filtration. The biggest problems of having a pool are algae formation. With the vast quantity of water, it becomes quite obvious to see algae appearance and also very stressing to be constant in clearing it away. Sand filter pumps not only vanishes the algae but also cleans the pool water making it healthy and bacteria free. With backwashing, draining, recirculation, and filtering it also includes the feature of rinsing with other six control modes.


Motor power- 0.96hp

Voltage use- 110-120V

Flow rate- 2500-3000 GPH (close approximation)


Users can also set their own time duration of its operation by 4 hr timer’ availability.

It requires low maintenance in terms of replacement which is around after every 5th year.

The diameter extent of the pools can range up to 16-18 feet.


As the name suggests, this cleaner is available with a B-type cartridge filter. Very comfortable to use, this pump is comparatively lighter than Krystal clear sand pumps. It includes a chamber that removes all types of waste like debris. To avoid any type of excessive pressure it makes sure that any trapped air is released out. But these types of cleaners can only be used in pools that don’t have a metal frame.


Weight- 23lbs

Voltage use- 110-120V

Flow rate- 2500 GPH


The diameter extent of the pools can range up to 20-25 feet

Safe to use. It automatically shuts down if there is any disturbance in its functioning to avoid any kind of electrical damage.

The cartridge replacement can be done after every two weeks.


With a special altwater system’, this cleaner emits crystal clear and sparkling water like paintings and movies. Highly recommended, it is budget friendly and two in one beneficial cleaner with both sand water that pulls water at a very high speed and intensity, and saltwater system that pushes clear and fresh water. But the only drawback of this device is its utility. It can be used for the pools that carry only 15,000 gallons of water.


Saltwater system flow- 2000-2200 GPH

Sand filter pump flow- 2500-2600 GPH

Voltage use- 120V


It uses salt instead of chlorine that makes the water much softer.

Salt usage also prevents any type of skin damage or hair-damage to the human body.

As chlorine leads to corrosion of pipes, salt as a replacement doesn’t allow any form of corrosion.

The diameter extent of the pools can range up to 16 feet.