The Memory Foam Outlet California King Size Sleep-Ease Memory Foam Mattress can give you a good night’s sleep you crave for when you’re tired from work or travel. This Sleep-Ease mattress manages your sleep time well by giving you sufficient bod comfort. Due to advances in technology, even the ordinary foam mattress is built to provide body responsive comfort and ease, such as lumbar support.

Memory Foam Outlet California King Size Sleep-Ease Memory Foam Mattress Features:

Full Product includes: 7 total thickness with the mattress cover; 2 thick visco-elastic memory foam with 5 base supports your body

Keeps the body in an ergonomically ideal resting position during sleep

Materials used are fire retardant so the mattress won’t easily go up in smokes

Conforms to body movement for natural support that gives a comfortable position

Money-back guarantee for 30 days

What Do Consumers Really Like About Memory Foam Outlet Memory Foam Mattresses?

Although the price is lower than most brands of the same product, the California King Size Sleep-Ease Memory Foam Mattress is a good buy because of its quality made material. This memory foam mattress has the right consistency in terms of firmness and softness. The foam material it uses ably supports the body and cradles it in the right places. Even with constant and regular use, the foam does not break easily or flattens.

However, after our research, we realized that this product is not a popular choice among our consumers. Many reviewers have provided negative feedback about this product, such as problems that arise after spending a night on it and leading to backaches. A few of them have also attempted to contact Memory Foam Outlet for a replacement but have failed.

Quotes of Customers who bought the Memory Foam Outlet Memory Foam Mattress at Amazon

“I wasn’t sure what to expect considering the low price but we were pleasantly surprised! We love it!”

“It is still comfty but not what I expected. It is A firm matress and I wanted a soft on.”

“Almost immediately lost support in the base layer which made you feel as though you were going to fall out of bed. Led to many bad nights of sleep & back aches.”

Final Conclusion

Even though it has an economical price, we do not recommend that you go for the California King Size Sleep-Ease Memory Foam Mattress.