You will agree with me that to have a carpet in the room means to have a piece of coziness and warmth, especially when the weather is gloomy, and it snows all day long. But having a carpet or several carpets also means to have an eternal problem with is cleaning, washing, and vacuuming; and it becomes a real tragedy if you have pets that shed their hair everywhere at least twice a year.

    So, to solve this problem, I mean to solve the problem of carpet cleaning, you should hold a good vacuum cleaner in your store. But here comes another question: how to find a good vacuum cleaner and which one to prefer?

    We decided to devote this article to those who don’t know where to start from when choosing a vacuum cleaner for carpets. So, here are the five steps of selecting the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

    #1. Define your budget

     You can find an extensive range of vacuum cleaners in the modern market. Each is of the different price and for the separate budget. The cost of the vacuum cleaner is a parameter of high importance. The higher it is, the more functions the device has. If you are short of money, don’t try to get a vacuum cleaner that will beat your pocket. Look for budget models with less of functions, but that will do its job correctly on your floor. Believe me, find such a vacuum is not as hard as it can seem at the first look.

#2. What is your carpet type

 To define a type of your carpet is an essential thing when buying a vacuum cleaner. The myth is that the more powerful device is the best it suits the carpets. It is not so. Different carpet types ask for different vacuuming and functions. That’s why sometimes a vacuum cleaner chosen incorrectly can damage carpet fibers and, besides, there is a risk that the vacuum will also break down.

 So, to understand, there are several types of carpets. First of all, rugs can be of different materials, such as nylon, wool, polyester, etc. Then the construction also differs from carpet to carpet as well as the length of the piles can be different. There are short-piled and middle-piled rugs. Also, there are long-piled or so-called “shag” carpets that ask for proper vacuuming. About vacuum cleaners for shag rugs, you can read in this review.

So, after you make the first two steps, it’s time to go further.

#3. Power of the vacuum cleaner

 There is a very spread myth that the suction power of the vacuums defines everything. That is partly so. It defines if you damage your carpet or not. As we said above, the more powerful vacuum doesn’t mean the more efficient one. The suction power of your vacuum cleaner should depend on the type of carpet you have. Short and middle pile rugs ask for more suction power. But be careful, if you have shag rugs in the house, you should buy a vacuum with less power. In this case, high suction can damage the fibers of the carpet. Vacuuming shag carpets with a wrong device, you’ll notice that your carpet get bad very soon.

 So, the best thing for you is to get a vacuum cleaner of average suction power which also can be controlled manually. So, you will be able to increase or decrease it when it is needed.

#4. Consider the filtration system

 Filters are very important in choosing the vacuum cleaner. A good filter provides clean air; the bad one makes all the vacuuming senseless. It is essential especially when you need to vacuum a carpet, for every rug, despite its type, is kind of a dust collector; when vacuuming with the wrong type of filter, you won't be able to collect all the dust in the fibers. Some particles will fly in the air and make it fuggy and hard-to-breath.

 So, consider the filtration system. HEPA filters are the best, but vacuum cleaners with such a filtration are quite expensive. If you are on a budget, you can consider HEPA-type filters or aqua filter. For more information research the internet.

 Note: if you or someone of your family are suffering from allergy, HEPA filters should be regarded as the only filtration system needed for your vacuum cleaner. You can skimp on some other functions of your vacuum cleaner like brushes or suction power but not the filters.

#5. Brush system

 Brushes are very important when choosing the vacuum cleaner. The brushing system defines on what surface your vacuum will work its best. You, evidently, understand that for different floor types you need different brushes. But even though, there are differences between two similar brush-types. For example, shag carpets and low-pile carpets should be vacuumed with two different brush types, or your cleaning won't be so efficient, and in some cases, it may hurt the carpet and vacuum cleaner.

 If you define what kind of carpets you have in your home, and if you define it correctly, you’ll be able to choose the right brushes and enjoy the cleaning process.

The final thoughts

 Those were the five essential steps for how to choose the best vacuum for carpets. There are a lot of more other essential features to mention the proper vacuuming, especially when you have a shag carpet. We will describe these features in our new article that will come soon.