Learning is really a very troublesome thing. At least I think so. Especially in the subjects of language and English, I am even more at a loss. When I am young, I am not too sensitive to the knowledge of the language. Can test a poor result, the children near our family can test higher scores than me, to tell the truth, I also considered whether the feng shui is not good, or why my language will be so bad What?

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Language is relatively poor, but mathematics is often able to score high marks or even full marks, which also led to the class teacher and my father and mother have not given up my studies, in order to exercise my language skills, they also tried to do it. Various methods, reading in the morning, daily diary, text dictation, you ask me to answer, etc. Finally, I only insist on the habit of writing a diary, it is OK, at least the score of the composition has improved!

I grew up and entered the middle school life. As my language scores improved, my grades have become better, but they are not particularly prominent. So many teachers’ focus is not on me, so I instead It's a lot easier, and I am fascinated by the fact that I have longed for the outside world. It is inconvenient to rely on action, so I fell in love with the Internet!

Fall in love with the Internet and fall in love with online games. This love is 15 years. In the past 15 years, I have made many friends and experienced a different life. How do you say this? It can be said that without it there would be no me today! Right, I haven't introduced who I loved in these 15 years. It is World of Warcraft! Perhaps when I talked about online games, I have known many people for 15 years!

These 15 years for the World of Warcraft we have been crazy, precipitated, lived, now the World of Warcraft nostalgic clothing returns to the battlefield, our group of old players are also ready to come back again, recalling youth, after all, Qingchun is valuable, now can have this Good opportunities are also rare. I love to play games and I have left the habit of writing diaries. I have come to today’s headlines by coincidence. I hope to leave my story in today’s headlines, leaving me with the story of Warcraft. I also share this story with everyone! Let us recall youth and spend our youth together! I can live with you and my life in World of Warcraft and today, and share the good and the story with everyone. I think this is not a beautiful thing!