There are several hindu devotees who wishes to visit various temples in India.Some of them are interested to make pooja in several temples.One problem that the devotee facing is that they not have enough knowledge about the location and the existence of temples.For this purpose several temple websites are developed.Devaayanam temple website development in kerala provides a better answer to the devotees about the temples in Kerala. It is an online platform for the hindu temples where the the devotee and temples can communicate and share their needs. Temples can be registered to the website easily and these will be visible to the users those who are searching for that temple. Peoples can make the pooja on various temples online and make offerings. These are very helpful to those who are not able to visit the temple at correct time for some reasons. These website helps the peoples to take care of their spiritual and religious views. Details about the main events and news are updated to the users and are available on the website. temple website templates kerala