How does React Native work?

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React native is a framework developed by Facebook and it's like react, but it uses native components instead of web components as a building blocks form. React native is a way to develop mobile apps using React and JavaScript. It means React native is cross-platform, in which you can create one mobile app and run on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, windows, blackberry.  Its main advantage is that you can reuse some parts of code at the time of mobile app development. React native is the next generation of React that use a JavaScript code library to develop apps.

1) At the first start of the app, the main thread starts execution and starts loading JS bundles.

2) When JavaScript code has been loaded successfully, the main thread sends it to another JS thread because when JS does some heavy calculations stuff the thread for a while, the UI thread will not suffer at all any time.

3) When React start rendering Reconciler starts “diffing”, and when it generates a new virtual DOM(layout) it sends changes to another thread(Shadow thread).

4) Shadow thread calculates layout and then sends layout parameters/objects to the main(UI) thread. ( Here you may wonder why we call it “shadow”? It’s because it generates shadow nodes )


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