How to Fix Google Calendar not syncing with Android/iphone device?

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Multiplatform reminders are one of the most used options for the users of Android. Especially, if your work demands to organize your time and to keep track of different valuable errands. Both enterprises and personal users can find a lot of use for them.

How to Fix Google Calendar not syncing with Android/iphone device?

Google Calendar is one of the most popular solutions for the majority of users, because of its great usability and performance. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case every time. One of the repeating issues is syncing of Google Calendar on Android devices.

Sometimes Google Calendar won’t sync at all, sometimes it stops syncing without any special reason. We found some solutions that might be helpful.

How to Update Google Calendar app on your device?

Besides checking your Wi-Fi connection, the main step is updating Google Calendar app. To do so follow this instruction:

• Go to Settings.

• Tap Applications or Application manager.

• Find Google Calendar app and open it.

• Select update if available.

How to unsync Google Calendar app temporarily?

Maybe the problem lies in the malfunctioning of the all-around synchronization. This way you can reset it and, possibly make it work again. To do so, follow presented instructions:

• Select Settings.

• Open Accounts tab.

• Tap Google.

• Choose your account.

• Uncheck Calendar.

• Reset your phone.

• Follow the same path and check previously unchecked Calendar tab.

We hope you will search this fix-list satisfying and useful. Do you have any other solutions information for the Google Calendar Not Syncing on android/iPhone problem? Please tell us in the comments or call at given toll-free number 1-888-585-0369 for more info.

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