How Do I Recover My Outlook Account?

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Remembering multiple passwords for different online accounts can be difficult for a lot of people. And if you enter the wrong password multiple times, you may be blocked from accessing your account temporarily for several hours. So what to do in such case?

How Do I Recover My Outlook Account?

If you are an Outlook user and have forgotten the password for your account, you can quickly recover your account by resetting the password for your Outlook account. However, to reset the password for your Outlook account, you must have access to the account recovery options such as alternate email address or phone number associated with your account. If you have access to any of such recovery options, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to recover your Outlook account easily.

How to Recover Outlook Password?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email service providers in the world at the moment. You can use your Outlook account to send and receive emails from your friends, family members and business associates. In order to ensure the security of your Outlook account, you need to have a strong password to protect it. However, if you forget your Outlook password, then it becomes a bit of a problem for you as you won’t be able to gain access to your account without it. You will need to Outlook account recovery password somehow before you can access your Outlook emails again.

How to Manually Recover Outlook Account Password?

If you are having issues signing into your Outlook password then there is no need to worry. The following are some ways through which you can manually change Outlook password and gain access to your email account quickly.

Make sure that the email address you have entered hasn’t been wrongly spelled and that the Caps Lock isn’t turned on. Take this step if the password you are entering is the right one but it still isn’t signing you into your account.

Signing in from a separate Internet browser or clearing the history of your browser is also some options available for regaining access to your Outlook account.

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