How to Recover AOL Email Password?

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Your AOL email password helps to verify your identity in order to protect your data. If you forget your password you can follow the steps below to it:

• Step 1: Open the AOL Mail login page and click ‘Forgot Password’

• Step 2: Enter your username and the mobile number linked to your account

• Step 3: Select the option to get a verification code through SMS or call

• Step 4: Type the code in the given field and follow the steps to reset the AOL email password

After you reset the password, you can call the AOL customer service number to check the other security settings to make sure your account is secure.

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    Re: How to Recover AOL Email Password?

    AOL Mail's Password Reset Procedure

    As with many websites, AOL has moved away from password recovery, instead offering a password reset option as a more secure approach. AOL has developed easy procedures to do so. They are updated occasionally but generally entail similar steps:

    Go to the AOL Mail login page

    Type in your AOL username.

    Click Sign in.

    Choose I forgot my password.

    Type in your username.

    Tap Next.

    Type in the phone number associated with your account — the one you entered when you created it. (You might be able to choose another method here, too, depending on which screen AOL sent you to. Stop here and see the other instructions below.)

    Click Next.

    To verify your identity, AOL requires you to enter a verification code. You can have it sent to you by text or a phone call. Just choose whichever method you prefer. Click Yes, text me a verification code.

    After you receive your code, type it into the Enter Code field.

    Click Verify.

    Enter the new password you'd like to use.

    Click Save.



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