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WrapPanel in WPF

A WrapPanel element in XAML is used to create a WrapPanel control in WPF. WrapPanel control is similar to StackPanel control in functionality with one...

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Expander Control in WPF

In WPF XAML Expander element is used to create an expander control. Expander control is basically used for wrapping and expanding the content of items....

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DockPanel control in WPF

In XAML DockPanel element is used to create DockPanel control in WPF. DockPanel is used to dock child elements in left, right, top and bottom positions of relative item....

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Tab control in WPF

We can use tab control to organize window more efficiently and easily. Two elements play an important role while creating a tab control in WPF. One is...

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DatePicker control in WPF

We can use DatePicker control in WPF to select an appropriate date. In XAML DatePicker element is used to create a DatePicker control. In this demonstration we learn how to use DatePicker control in WPF....

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Label control in WPF

In WPF we can use Label control to show some messages to user such as result of calculation price of certain things, to show caption etc. We can use XAML Label element to create a Label control in WPF....

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Menu Control in WPF

In XAML and tag elements is used to create a menu control in WPF. Menus have been an integral part of any windows based application. In WPF there ar...

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ScrollViewer control in WPF

In XAML ScrollViewer element is used to create a scroll viewer control in WPF. Scroll viewer control responds to both mouse and keyboard commands and defines numerous methods with which to scroll content by predetermined increments....

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StatusBar control Demo

In WPF XAML StatusBar element is used to create status bar control in WPF. As like as main menu, status bars are specialized toolbars. They support the same feature and customization mechanism but have a few differences in default settings....

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Canvas Control in WPF

In WPF we can XAML Canvas element to create a Canvas control. This is a container control in which we can add child elements by using coordinates which is relative to canvas area....

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GridSpliter control in WPF

In this demonstration I am going to tell you that how to use GridSpliter control in WPF. The XAML GridSpliter elements allow you to create a GridSpliter control. We can use GridSpliter control when we want to resize rows and columns dynamically....

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ViewBox control in WPF

View box is a very useful to control in WPF. It does not resize the content but it transforms it. This means that all text sizes and line width are also scaled....

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Progress Bar control in WPF

ProgressBar elements in XAML is used to create a progress bar control in WPF. We can use concept of progress bar control when we want to show some background processing or want to show status of large calculating job,...

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Slider Control in WPF

In this tutorial I am going to explain you that how to use a slider control in WPF. The XAML Slider element is used to create a slider control in WPF....

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TreeView control in WPF

When we want to show some information in hierarchical format that is in parent child relationship then we use concept of tree view control. Example of tree view control is msdn tutorial, windows explorer etc....

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WebBrowser control in WPF

Sometime may we require that we want to open some html document in my own application. To perform this task WPF introduce a new control named WebBrowser control through which we can open all the html documents as well as we can open any sites....

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Media Element in WPF

We can create a simple Media player by using XAMLMediaElement element. WPF provides a wrapper around current Media Player 10 ActiveX (OCX) control. A ...

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Calendar Control in WPF

A Calendar control in WPF is used to create a visual calendar in WPF through which users can pick date and raise an event on the selection of date. The XAML Calendar elements is used to create a calendar control in WPF....

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Grid Control in WPF

Grid control arranges content in rows and columns as specified by the developer. In XAML Grid elements used to create a Grid control in WPF. In Grid control we can span multiple rows as well as multiple columns....

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StackPanel Control in WPF

In WPF StackPanel control is also used to group controls either horizontally or vertically. We can use StackPanel control to arrange child elements into a single line that is either horizontally or vertically....

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GroupBox control in WPF

The XAML(Extensible Application Markup Language) element represents GroupBox control in WPF. The GroupBox control allows you to visually group cont...

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PasswordBox Control in WPF

XAML PasswordBox elements represent password control in WPF. When we make any login form then we want user can enter their password in such a manner that other user cannot see what he enter....

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Textbox control in WPF

XAML element represents Textbox control in WPF. Whenever you want to provide a functionality to accept new values from user then we use concept of Te...

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