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Latest beginner on category "VB.Net"

Menu Strip Control in VB.Net

MenuStrip provides a menu system for a form. Creating MenuStrip ControlDrag and drop MenuStrip control from the toolbox on the window Form.Insert t...

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TextBox Control in VB.Net

The TextBox control accepts input from the user. It can also be used to display text. By default we can enter up to 2048 characters in a TextBox but if the Multiline property is set to True we can enter up to 32KB of text....

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TabControl in VB.Net

The TabControl in VB.NetWhere The TabControl is a container control that allows you to display multiple tabs on a single form and it allowed switchi...

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PictureBox Control in VB.Net

PictureBox control is used to display image. The images displayed can be any format like Bitmap, JPEG, and GIF, PNG or any other image format files. The PictureBox control is based on the Control class....

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