Printing is one of the most important features for Custom Boxes and packaging of all types. Different packaging boxes need different types of printing finishes making them look great for packaged products. Especially when you have retail display products, special care needs to be taken in printing and its finishes. Fortunately, the packaging printing industry has come up with a wide range of different printing options. All these unique print finishes tend to make packaging boxes as attractive and aesthetically pleasing as product manufacturers wish. If you have a new startup brand or new launching products, attractive printing for different parts of your Custom Printed Boxes comes handy. Along with box shapes and designs, printing is also responsible for making potential customers pay attention to packaging products. Here we have some of the most popular printing methods for Custom Packaging of different types explained for your consideration:

Types of Printing Methods for Designing Custom Boxes and Packaging

Regular Printing in Bright Accurate Colors

The very first and probably the most popular printing choice is the regular printer style printing. Commercial and industrial printers are available that work with the traditional ink-jet style printing technique, just on a bigger scale. This technique produces high-quality and accurate colors but is not known to produce any fancy finishes for printed designs. Although this type of printing is very common for shipping and other similar boxes, it is not so much in the retail packaging industry. Any kinds of colors can be used with a good level of accuracy in printing as well. Cardstock materials of all kinds can be passed through these modern and fast printers. However, this may not be the best case for printing very complex and demanding designs. 

Types of Printing Methods for Designing Custom Boxes and Packaging

Popular Offset Printing Method

Then we come to the very popular and efficient offset printing method. With this, the required printed design is first printed on printing plates that are die cut to perfection. This stamping kind of authoritative design is then shifted to the surface to be printed by using modern techniques and processes. Resulting prints for Custom Boxes and Packaging are very accurate with no flaws in any of their finish styles. Offset printing is also the modern industry standard able to produce many variations in printed designs.

Types of Printing Methods for Designing Custom Boxes and Packaging

Color accuracy and precise printing are guaranteed with this modern offset printing technique. By creating one printing plates set, you can print several hundred copies resulting in cost efficiency as well. All perfect colors are available with very accurate finishes with this one.

Super Accurate Embossing or Debossing

Embossing and debossing are two alternative versions of the same printing technique. Usually most popularly used for brand logos and other fancy designs, this makes the intended designs pop out or be engraved in the surface. Your logo to be printed is finished either in a convex or concave way making it feel more obvious. Expensive retail products including foods and drinks, retail fashion clothing and/or cosmetics use this perfectly. Various formations are also available making your boxes look and feel great.

Types of Printing Methods for Designing Custom Boxes and Packaging

Whether you go with embossing or debossing, resulting finishes are often some of the most accurate. While you can also customize with different colors for embossing or debossing, some of the best results are had with no coloration. Of course, you can mix in some other forms of prints for your Custom Boxes.

Hot-Stamping or Foil Stamping

One of the most luxurious and beautiful styles of modern printing is the Hot-Stamping that is also referred to as Foil Stamping. This is the type of glowing finish often seen on expensive luxury products like expensive book covers, perfumes or jewelry. Often gold or silver foil stamping is the most popular. Simply, pre-dried ink or foils in Hot Stamping are transferred to the target surface at high temperatures. Simply, in this method, you add a layer of glowing color onto your packaging. The hot temperatures and nature of foils make them stick permanently to the surface bonding internally.

Types of Printing Methods for Designing Custom Boxes and Packaging

While this looks one of the best in terms of its finish, foil stamping is also one of the most expensive printing methods. It is often done in combination with other prints such as embossing where only logos or initials are foil stamped. However, this is surely one that makes Custom Packaging look attractive.

Colored Raised Ink Printing

Raised ink printing resembles embossing or debossing in many ways but is also quite different. It is done mainly for text prints and where you need to print certain information on your Custom Printed Boxes. With this, a full choice of colors is available. All sizes and styles of texts can be printed with raised ink printing. It is also very modern making your packaging look and feel unique and very presentable. When you need to get maximum appreciation from your customers during unboxing, raised ink printing helps a great deal. This is also one of the cheaper printing methods available. You can have it in combination with many other ways of printing such as foil stamping and offset prints. All finished designs are majestic and very high quality indeed.

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