Vacuum cleaners are great to keep our personal as well as workspaces clean and beautiful. There are many brands and types of vacuum cleaners available online. You can easily get them online by placing orders. For this, you have to register or create an account with your details like name, address and contact information. You can log-in to your account with username and password for checking various vacuum cleaners. In order to buy cheap vacuum cleaner online, you have to place an order which will be delivered by the time mentioned. However, if you are new to buying the vacuum cleaner, then this article could help you buy the same.

 Types of vacuum cleaners

The Different types of vacuum cleaners are available online as follows

• Upright model: The upright modelled vacuum cleaners are used to clean any kind of dirt as it has the most powerful suction techniques. It is the most commonly used type of vacuum cleaner that helps in cleaning various carpet mats, rugs and fur carpets easily. These types of vacuum cleaners come with relatively larger bags that help in cleaning larger room spaces and fur carpets. It is slightly cheaper compared to the canister modelled vacuum cleaners.

• Stick vacuums: The stick vacuum cleaners come with a stylish and sleek design that get great in corners and cracks for cleaning. They are of less weight and hence can be used in every place easily. It is used for quicker cleanups and picking up dirt at floors. It can be kept aside at a corner and used whenever needed as it does not require more space.

• Canister types: It is easier to use compared to upright models on the walls and floors. The advantages of canister type vacuum cleaner are lesser noise and higher efficiency. It would be bigger and might require larger spaces to store. These types of vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning curtains, corners, ceilings, upholsteries, and furniture.

• Handhelds: It is one of the most common bought vacuum cleaner online India as they are compact and smaller in size. Many companies manufacture these types of vacuum cleaners that help to clean sofa, windowsills and even the cars. It comes with various tools and cleaning brush that enhances the cleaning efficiency. This model like vacuum cleaners comes in cordless models and in lower weights.

• Robotic vacuums: These vacuum cleaners are automatic and tend to clean by itself. You can relax on your beds when it cleans the entire house. Due to its compact size, it can reach and clean the tougher spots like under the sofa and around the corners. The vacuum cleaners come with additional features like connecting to wifi and with lesser sounds.

These are the types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. They can be researched online for price comparison, efficiency and working modes. In online shopping sites, you can also have the option of filtering the vacuum cleaners according to brands, price, and usage types.

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