1. Having checked the best YouTube downloaders for Android, we have to say that our personal favourite is YouTubNow. This program gave us just about everything we were looking for from a reliable YouTube video downloader for Android. Everything is laid out in an easy to understand, user-friendly interface that took us moments to get to grips with.

They tell you exactly how to download YouTube videos on Android, with a straightforward cut and paste system letting you put a URL in to go straight to your videos. Or you can simply use their search function and put in a title or relevant search terms. Once you’ve done this, you simply take your pick from a number of different formats, and download the file straight to your device. Speeds are impressively high, and you can also choose the resolution you want to download. All in all, this free Android YouTube downloader offers a wide array of options, all in one easy to use package that will bring you your content in seconds.

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