we have come out with the most common and latest trends in the design of earrings and bangles which will undoubtedly suit your personality.

Top three latest designs of Earrings

Pearl gold earring design: This is the latest gold earrings, and it is a type of design which will suit the personality of every type of woman. The best thing about this design is that you can make this design perfectly even with 2 grams of gold. Thus, everybody can avail this design as it is not too costly. Another notable factor about this design is that it is suitable for all type of occasion and daily wear.

Gold plate earring design: This is another latest earring design and most of the young woman like this design to due to its elegant looks. This type of design is generally made with rounded design, and sometimes a little diamond can be added in the center of the earring.

Gold heart earring design: This latest earrings design is made in the shape of a heart. This type of design mainly suits teenage girls. When a lady wears this earring, she will certainly look very pretty, and she can wear it on all occasions.

Top three latest designs of Bangles

Multi-colored threaded bangles: This is one of the latest and coordinated color bangles which are suited in the hand of all women. The other interesting thing about this type of bangles design is that it can be worn with every type of clothes such as saree, salwar, lehenga or any dress coat. That is the reason why everybody likes to have this type of design.

Designer bangles with gold thread: Among all the gold bangles models this bangles design has now become the most popular among the young ladies. The best thing about this type of bangle design is that it can be custom made that will suit the requirement of a particular customer. Since this type of bangle design does not require too much gold, you can have multiple bangles of this design, and you can mix and match the bangles with your outfit.

Beadwork threaded bangles: This type of bangle design is perfect for wedding purpose. This type of design is mainly wrapped with silk thread and is combined with tiny gold beads. You can also have a strip of diamond along with the gold bead in these types of bangles design.

Thus, in case it is your plan to make golden earrings or bangles, never forget to choose any of the above-mentioned designs as these are the latest trend and will certainly enhance your looks.

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