no matter which region or hierarchy,

In India, no matter which region or hierarchy, women must have their jewelry when they are born. This is a symbol of female identity. Women must dress themselves according to customary rules. These family necklace jewels will have certain rules, like the foot bell worn on women's ankles, the original intention is that the sound of the foot decoration can avoid the bride’s infidelity.

The married bride is simply integrated into the jewelry. In important occasions (such as weddings, parties, worship in a temple), women wearing jewelry is the most important etiquette. In the new film "Mystery Superstar", jewelry plays an irreplaceable role in the development of the plot. In the movie, I can also feel how important custom name rings jewelry[personalized necklaces] is to the status of married women in India. Jewelry has become the measure of bride dowry, which means that the future status of the bride at home will also depend on the account of jewelry. In India, the status of women is very humble, and all kinds of social problems about women often occur in India.

Gold is the most used material. One reason is that Indians think that gold is bright and has the energy of the sun. It can protect evil spirits and have a noble luxury. Another reason is that Indians have a strong sense of gold preservation. As a moving property, gold birthstone ring[couple symbol] is often kept in private safes and is always useful at important times. In movie "Unknown Death", the heroine Karpasheti, in order to achieve the dream of having three cars before marriage, and married her boyfriend as soon as possible, she used her gold jewelry to buy a car.

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