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Some important features of Extjs

It’s a type of validation that’s allow user to enter only specific type of data,that’s define in maskRe validation section.

Important features of ExtJs

Toolbar:- Toolbar is very important feature that’s enable user to operate multiple operation at a single line. Many UI associated with them.

By Jonas Stuart posted   5 months ago

Simple user form with maximum component fields of ExtJs

In this article we are defined maximum components of ExtJs in a simple user form. This form having textfield component that’s mostly used in ExtJs form.

Method to design grid view with docked buttons like create, load and save

In this section we have create user interface(UI).In UI we write the code of grid view that’s provide the facility to update and cancel,when we create a new row in grid.

By Allen Scott posted   7 months ago

using extjs Create Login page and add,edit,update record from database.

In this blog I have explained about how to create login page and how to add, update and delete records using extjs

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