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This is an overview of the work that Intellemo delivered for UrbanClap and the remarkable results that were achieved. Confidential Client data has been masked deliberately.

Are you a small business owner using Facebook for marketing, then you may realise that there is so much battle against Facebook’s algorithm for reach and engagement.


Sharptech is the best digital marketing company & agency in India providing complete internet marketing services like SEO, Social Media, PPC, SEM, ORM, CRM, App Promotion & Branding

The use of big data in social media has many aspects when it comes to marketing. There are various forms with which you can use big data to design consumer preferences...

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Using digital marketing, to promote your website or product, you can often realize that you’re able to get results much faster than in the case with offline marketing due to the reason it’s easier to monitor ROI.


It is become easy to create a website in few thousand dollars but selling products and service through a website is not always easy. Clients will come and buy products if they know about your website otherwise you have to bring potential visitors to