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Databases To Learn In 2017

PostgreSQL releases its two versions 9.5 and 9.6, this year. They launched the UPSERT functionality after a long time that we know from MySQL (aka ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE), better full text search and speed improvements thanks to parallel queries, more efficient aggregation, replication, sorting and indexing.

By Ailsa Singh posted   3 months ago

How to create database in MySQL using PHP?

The CREATE DATABASE statement is used to create database. (Note: Before creating database you must first connect with database server).Here is an example to create database using PHP:

 PHP Database  PHP  MYSQL 
By Royce Roy posted   one year ago

How to connect with database in PHP

Before we can access the data in MYSQL database,we have to first connect the server.PHP provides mysqli_connect() function to connect with database. This function has five parameter:

By Royce Roy posted   one year ago

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