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Knowband Android/iOS Magento mobile app

Knowband's Magento mobile app offers store admin the advantage to convert their eCommerce store into a mobile app. Features like less load time, multi-lingual support, social login, social sharing, push notifications help to increase the sale....

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How to use UIAlertController in Objective-C iOS

UIAlertController introduced in iOS 8 .UIAlertController replaces the UIActionSheet and UIAlertView classes. UIAlertController can be used for displaying alerts ,confirmation alert ,act as action sheet and used for login purpose etc....

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iPhone 7 gorgeous colors

The brand newiPhone 7is now official with new features and design update, water-proof and a high quality camera. But you are here because of you want ...

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Fundamentals of CGGeometry in iOS

iOS provides a CoreGraphics framework that came from iOS version 2.0. CoreGraphics provides CGGeometry for our iOS application developers that helps in positioning views or creating drawing by programmatically....

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Setting UIImage on a UIButton

Previously, we learn how to set events on the UIButtonHandling Button Clicks Events Now, we will see how to set an image on UIButton. UIButtons have a...

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