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  • The tech giant Apple launched its upgraded processors yesterday; iPad Mini and iPad Air. These are the most popular and smallest device in the world....

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  • Knowband Android/iOS Magento mobile app

    Knowband's Magento mobile app offers store admin the advantage to convert their eCommerce store into a mobile app. Features like less load time, multi-lingual support, social login, social sharing, push notifications help to increase the sale....

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  • The watch you have been craving for…….!

    Series 4 has loads of things like the health sensors, fitness application, BMI monitoring, boarding alerts, and an upgraded artificial intelligence which will definitely make you fall for it....

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  • All you need to know about iPhone Xs

    Tim Cook along with his team introduced the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr models in the Apple theatre two days ago which has created a huge buzz in the gadget world....

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  • How to use UIAlertController in Objective-C iOS

    UIAlertController introduced in iOS 8 .UIAlertController replaces the UIActionSheet and UIAlertView classes. UIAlertController can be used for displaying alerts ,confirmation alert ,act as action sheet and used for login purpose etc....

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  • iPhone 7 gorgeous colors

    The brand new iPhone 7 is now official with a design update, water-proof and a high quality camera....

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  • iOS provides a CoreGraphics framework that came from iOS version 2.0. CoreGraphics provides CGGeometry for our iOS application developers that helps in positioning views or creating drawing by programmatically....

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  • In iOS application development if we want to fetch media files like Images or Videos then we will use media APIs like AVFoundation....

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  • In this blog we will learn about Xcode project that we use to configure our app and also we see the required resources that are necessary for our app....

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  • Here we are going to know about the 'Web Services' in iOS, so as we know more and more mobile applications are dependent on the cloud in order to function properly (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, news apps etc.)...

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