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  • 15 Benefits of Software Development Architecture

    There are numerous of people who underestimate the importance of Software Architecture and many just don’t have knowledge about what it is and what are the benefits of software architecture?...

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  • Backend Frameworks to learn in 2017

    For the backend, there are number of choices to a programmer, but it’s all depend upon preference of programming language or particular performance needs. A trend is observed in web development is business logic to move away from the backend....

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  • More and more businesses are heading towards outsourcing. The companies who are smartly conscious towards the cost they incur and quality they get are interested in finding out the right partners for outsourcing their business processes....

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    Converter app helps users to convert files from one format to another. There are hundreds of free converter apps available on Google Play....

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  • Basically, the licit assenting involving an exchange of services and payments is outsourcing. The strategic use of outside wherewithal to perform activities conventionally managed by internal staff is outsourcing....

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